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25 Famous Rust Quotes Sayings To Shine Brighter

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Read and explore our inspiring rust quotes collection from prominent authors and thinkers to drop the worry and make life worthwhile.

Simon Hughes insightfully quotes how to live an authentic and amazing life. He says, ‘ worry is the rust upon the blade.’

Let’s spend our daily time in such a purposeful and enriching way that there is much less mental space to worry and sulk but paves the way for more inward satisfaction.

Let our work, relationship, and daily lifestyle make us more polished like a diamond inside out.

Anything and anybody that makes us rustier from the heart is a tell-tale sign that we need to revisit the way we think, relate, and live.

Relentlessly use inner discretion to discard things, people, and ideas that make you mentally heavy and stressed out. That’s the secret of a rust-free and peaceful mind.

Best Rust Quotes And Sayings

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Idleness is to the human mind like rust to iron.
– Ezra Cornell

Gold does not rust on the ground, and rocks don’t get soaked in the rain.
– Turkish Proverb

Worry is rust upon the blade.
– Simon Hughes

Shun idleness. It is rust that attaches itself to the most brilliant metals.
– Voltaire

Sorrow is the mere rust of the soul. Activity will cleanse and brighten it.
– Samuel Johnson

Great talents, by the rust of long disuse, Grow lethargic and shrink from what they were.
– Ovid

Sunday clears away the rust of the whole week.
– Joseph Addison

Just as iron rusts from disuse, even so does inaction spoil the intellect.
– Leonardo da Vinci

The rust of the mind is the destruction of genius.
Seneca The Younger

We must all either wear out or rust out, every one of us. My choice is to wear out.
– Theodore Roosevelt

Just as rust, which arose from the iron itself, wears out the iron, likewise, performing an action without examination would destroy us by projecting us into a negative state of existence.
Dalai Lama

If you rest, you rust.
– Helen Hayes

Meaningful Rust Quotes On Living

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If you have feet, walk! If you have wings, fly! Whatever you have, use them! Don’t let them to rust!
– Mehmet Murat Ildan

It is better to rust out than wear out.
– Richard Cumberland

As rust corrupts iron, so envy corrupts man.
– Antisthenes

I would rather burn out than rust out.
– Amy Carmichael

None can destroy iron, but its own rust can! Likewise none can destroy a person, but its own mindset can!
– Ratan Tata

The rust of business is sometimes polished off in a camp; but never in a court.
– Francois de la Rochefoucauld

Negligence is the rust of the soul that corrodes through all her best resolves.
– Owen Feltham

Solitude may rust your words.
– Anais Nin

Few minds wear out; more rust out.
– Christian Nestell Bovee

Most people rust out due to lack of challenge. Few people rust out due to overuse.
– Denis Waitley

In an age of rust, she comes up stainless steel.
– M.R. Carey

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