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10 Best and Famous Alien Quotes, Sayings and Images

Aliens are not limited to the otherworldly extraterrestrial creature portrayed by the science fiction movies.

Anything our mind doesn’t understand is generally termed as aliens.

Anything foreign, the mind finds it alien. Different opinions, different cultures, different ethnicity, different language, we quickly feel that it’s an alien thing.

Our alien’s quotes are powerful words from different personalities who challenges us to re-examine what aliens could actually mean to us.

Best Alien Quotes and Sayings

Whatever is not commonly seen is condemned as alien.
– Iris Chang

The main thing about aliens is that they are alien. They feel no responsibility for fulfilling any of your expectations.
– Robert Silverberg

We meet aliens every day who have something to give us. They come in the form of people with different opinions.
– William Shatner

The only thing that scares me more than space aliens is the idea that there aren’t any space aliens. We can’t be the best that creation has to offer. I pray we’re not all there is. If so, we’re in big trouble.
– Ellen DeGeneres

That these people are wandering around, looking for aliens to justify the emptiness inside them and let them feel special without effort, creeps me out.
– Thomm Quackenbush

You don’t need to prove the existence of aliens. That’s unproductive, unless we make a bet on it.
– Toba Beta

I take aliens very seriously and don’t appreciate light entertainment or weak approximations being made of them.
– Helen Oyeyemi

The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.
– J. Edgar Hoover

Aliens didn’t come down to Earth and give us technology. We invented it ourselves. Therefore it can never be alienating; it can only be an expression of our humanity.
– Douglas Coupland

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