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Best Quotes About Breeze to Enjoy Summer and Cold Mornings

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Mystic poet Rumi has once beautifully quoted – ‘the breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. Don’t go back to sleep’.

The breeze that kisses past our face has always pulled us towards our very own tranquility, even it is for a short while.

The breeze quotes will surely bring you back some beautiful memories attached with.

These breeze quotes are a gentle reminder of that dawn breeze you experienced near the ocean, a life throbbing fine weather morning when the breeze was talking to you endlessly, on that silent night when you had breeze as your company to the otherwise lonely night, to the subtle and compassionate summer breezy air to point a few.

Get to experience the same calmness by reading our handpicked collection of ocean breeze quotes and quotes on the breeze in general.

Best Ocean Breeze Quotes and Sayings

You cannot kill a breeze, a wind, a fragrance; you cannot kill a dream or an ambition.
– Michel Onfray

They have a fine breeze and are now we hope, well on their way.
– Lewis Tappan

Each time a breeze starts, I feel the air all the way through me.
– Nina LaCour

A persistent breeze lifted the thin curtains, fluttering a few moments of tranquility into the turbulent day.
– Susan Abulhawa

The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. Don’t go back to sleep.
– Rumi

The breeze of grace is always blowing; set your sail to catch that breeze.
– Ramakrishna

Speak to the breeze cautiously during those lonely summer nights.
– Marlen Komar

The breeze across the desert as the light died was so sweet she could almost drink it.
– Mike Bond

The gentle wind, a sweet and passionate wooer, Kisses the blushing leaf.
– Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

No one knows what makes the soul wake up so happy! Maybe a dawn breeze has blown the veil from the face of God.
– Rumi

A breeze will always blow in the direction that it wishes to go.
– Anthony T. Hincks

A ray of sunshine, a balmy breeze Are a gift from God above, And He also gives us faithful friends. To warm our hearts with love.
– Anonymous

The whispering breeze pants on the leaves, and dies upon the trees.
– Alexander Pope

A gentle wind of western birth, From some far summer sea, Wakes daisies in the wintry earth.
– George Macdonald

One small breeze doesn’t make a wind storm.
– John McGraw

A breeze discovered my open book And began to flutter the leaves to look.
– Robert Frost

A breeze, a forgotten summer, a smile, all can fit into a storefront window.
– Dejan Stojanovic

A breeze passes in the night. When did it spring up? Whence does it come? Whither is it going? No man knows.
– Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Sometimes the tender breeze can help us feel the presence of someone by bringing us their fragrance.
– Avijeet Das

A breeze shook rain out of new leaves onto their hair, but in their pursuit of eternity they never noticed the chill.
– Barbara Kingsolver

A slight breeze cooled the Hawaiian spring air, swaying the branches of palm trees, which cast black silhouettes against the purple and orange colors of the twilight sky.
– Victoria Kahler

The breezes of the West African night were intimate and shy, licking the hair, sweeping through cotton dresses with unseemly intimacy, then disappearing into the utter blackness.
Maya Angelou

The summer breeze was blowing on your face Within your violet you treasure your summery words And as the shiver from my neck down to my spine Ignited me in daylight and nature in the garden.
– Van Morrison

A breeze blew softly, slightly rippling the water as it carried the heady scents of late Carolina springtime through the air. Honeysuckle. Jasmine. Ripe, pungent river mud. Ah, the world felt right.
– Caitlin Rush

Whenever there is a breeze in the old forest, you might, for a moment, realize that the trees are singing. There, on the wind, are the voices of sugarberry and juniper and maple.
– Kathi Appelt

The softest breeze to fairest flowers gives birth: Think not that Prudence dwells in dark abodes, She scans the future with the eye of gods.
– William Wordsworth

A cool breeze stirred my hair at that moment, as the night wind began to come down from the hills, but it felt like a breath from another world.
– Francis Marion

A fragrant breeze wandered up from the quiet sea, trailed along the beach, and drifted back to the sea again, wondering where to go next. On a mad impulse it went up to the beach again. It drifted back to sea.
– Douglas Adams

A breeze lifted off the ocean and several hundred notes from the wind chimes tinkled like ice shaken in silver cups. They altered the mood of the forest the way an orchestra does a theater when it begins tuning up its instruments.
– Pat Conroy

As a breeze ruffles the surface of a lake and distorts the images reflected therein, so also the chitta vrtti (fluctuations of mind) disturb the peace of the mind. The still waters of a lake reflect the beauty around it. When the mind is still, the beauty of the Self is seen reflected in it.
– B.K.S. Iyengar

Every breeze wafts intelligence from country to country, every wave rolls it and gives it forth, and all in turn receive it. There is a vast commerce of ideas, there are marts and exchanges for intellectual discoveries, and a wonderful fellowship of those individual intelligences which make up the minds and opinions of the age.
– Daniel Webster

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