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70 Missing Good Old Friends Quotes and Sayings

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Old is gold. This is true in context with friendships. It is delightful to have them around when you hang out with your old friends after middle age.

The bustle and hustle of balance between work and family life, financial contestants, piled-up duties and obligations, and shallow new acquaintances all add to the middle age crisis.

Reconnecting with old friends is such a refreshing feel.

Ralph Waldo Emerson quotes, ‘ It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.’

One loses childhood innocence and youthful aliveness when life starts giving lemons, tension, and mental heaviness.

Make a plan now and then, have alumni meet and connect with school friends or college friends or go for an old buddy’s trip and unwind yourself.

Let Ben Hur’s statement bring a subtle smile to your face whenever life tests your patience. He quotes, ‘It is an insane world, but in it, there is one sanity, the loyalty of old friends.’

Let our nostalgic and beautiful never forget old friends quotes and sayings help you relive the golden days of your friendship and always stay in touch.

Best Old Friends Quotes and Sayings

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Beautiful memories are like old friends. They may not always be on your mind, but they are forever in your heart.
– Susan Gale

When you meet with your old friends, you recollect some of the finest moments of your life and find yourself in a joy that has no comparison.
– Syed Badiuzzaman

New friends may be poems but old friends are alphabets. Don’t forget the alphabets because you will need them to read the poems.
– William Shakespeare

Lay this unto your breast: Old friends, like old swords, still are trusted best.
– John Webster

Remember that the most valuable antiques are dear old friends.
– H. Jackson Brown

An old friend never can be found, and nature has provided that he cannot easily be lost.
– Samuel Johnson

It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

There is no friend like an old friend who has shared our morning days, no greeting like his welcome, no homage like his praise.
– Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr

It’s an insane world but in it there is one sanity, the loyalty of old friends.
– Ben Hur

It’s best to have an old friend far away, than a new friend nearby that makes you question your care.
– Shanna Rodriguez

Whoever neglects old friends for the sake of new deserves what he gets if he loses both.
– Aesop

When we forget old friends, it is a sign we have forgotten ourselves.
– William Hazlitt

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Say what you want about aging, it’s still the only way to have old friends.
– Robert Brault

It’s not good trying to keep up old friendships. It’s painful for both sides. The fact is, one grows out of people, and the only thing is to face it.
– W. Somerset Maughan

An old friend met in a far country is like rain after a drought.
– Chinese Proverb

Spend a new penny on an old friend and share an old pleasure with a new friend.
– Chinese Proverb

Old friends burn dim, like lamps in noisome air; love them for what they are; nor love them less, because to thee they are not what they were.
– Samuel Coleridge Taylor

Old friends, like old swords, still are trusted best.
– Duchess of Malfy

Old friends and old wine are best.
– German Proverb

Once a friend, always a friend.
– Kurdish Proverb

My old friend, I recall the times we had hanging on my wall. I wouldn’t trade them for gold ‘cause they laugh and they cry me, somehow sanctify me. They’re woven in the stories I have told and tell again.
– Tim McGraw

Old friends pass away, new friends appear. It is just like the days. An old day passes, a new day arrives. The important thing is to make it meaningful: a meaningful friend – or a meaningful day.
Dalai Lama

Do not abandon old friends;, for new ones cannot equal them. A new friend is like new wine; when it has aged, you can drink it with pleasure.
– Ecclesiasticus 9:10

It’s the worst part of seeing old friends: when your rose-colored memories become undone by reality.
– Brad Meltzer

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The best mirror is an old friend.
– George Herbert

Make new friends, but don’t forget the old, One is silver, the other is gold.
– Unknown

You don’t have to have anything in common with people you’ve known since you were five. With old friends, you’ve got your whole life in common.
– Lyle Lovett

Forsake not an old friend, for the new is not comparable to him. A new friend is a new wine; when if is old, thou shalt drink it with pleasure.
– Bible

With clothes the new are the best, with friends the old are the best.
– Unknown

It takes a long time to grow an old friend.
– John Leonard

There’s not a word yet, for old friends who’ve just met.
– Jim Henson

Old friends are the great blessing of one’s later years. They have a memory of the same events and have the same mode of thinking.
– Horace Walpole

Old friends, we say, are best, when some sudden disillusionment shakes our faith in a new comrade.
– Gelett Burgess

Ah, how good it feels! The hand of an old friend.
– Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Old friends is always best, unless you can catch a new one that’s fit to make an old one out of.
– Sarah Orne Jewett

Tell me, why are the old friends kind, And ever the tenderest, too? Youth has no art, but an open mind, And its love is sincere and true.
– Edwin Leibfreed

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To be with old friends is very warming and comforting.
– Ian Ziering

Old friends die on you, and they’re irreplaceable. You become dependent.
– Lionel Blue

We need old friends to help us grow old and new friends to help us stay young.
– Letty Cottin Pogrebin

As in the case of wines that improve with age, the oldest friendships ought to be the most delightful.
– Cicero

There is only one thing better than making a new friend, and that is keeping an old one.
– Elmer G. Letterman

Old stories are like old friends? You have to visit them from time to time.
– George R.R. Martin

Finding an old friend is like finding a lost treasure.
– Anthony Douglas Williams

There’s no friends like the old friends.
– James Joyce

To reminisce with my old friends, a chance to share some memories, and play our songs again.
– Ricky Nelson

How unspeakably the lengthening of memories in common endears our old friends!
– George Eliot

We must never sell old friends to buy old enemies.
– Abraham Lincoln

Two may talk together under the same roof for many years, yet never really meet; and two others at first speech are old friends.
– Mary Catherwood

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One old friend is better than two new ones.
– Yiddish Proverb

No one leaves an old friend unless they are ashamed.
– Julian Casablancas

You can make a new friend but you can’t make an old one.
– Tom Bodett

Old friends and old ways ought not to be disdained.
– Danish Proverb

Condiments are like old friends — highly thought of, but often taken for granted.
– Marilyn Kaytor

Old friends become bitter enemies on a sudden for toys and small offenses.
– Robert Burton

It’s less the words they say than those they leave unsaid that split old friends apart.
– Frederick Buechner

You can’t make old friends. You either have them or you don’t.
– Kenny Rogers

Exercise is like an old friend: You may not be able to see that friend all the time, but you’re not mad when you see them, you’re happy, and you get right back into it.
– Bethenny Frankel

When old friends get together, everything else fades to insignificance.
– Robert Lynn Aspri

Old friends are best.
– John Selden

…or like an old friend one has known too well and doesn’t want to see.
– Doris Lessing

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A man’s oldest friend is his best.
– Roman Proverb

A man’s growth is seen in the successive choirs of his friends.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Of oil, wine, and friends, the oldest is the best.
– Portuguese Proverb

In dress, the newest is the finest; in friends, the oldest is the best.
– Korean Proverb

In forming new friendships, forget not old friends.
– Roman Proverb

One should not forsake old friends for new, because the old friends, having already proven their calibre, are more trustworthy.
– G. Llewellyn Watson

I keep my old friends, and get older with them, but push young. It’s good to be surrounded by kids, because they keep you young.
– Carine Roitfeld

There’s a thing that keeps surprising you about stormy old friends after they die—their silence. For a while an echo stays in your ear. You hear a laugh, a knowing phrase or two, a certain quality of enunciation. Then, nothing. Another death takes place—voices.
– Ben Hecht

When we are old, our friends find it difficult to please us, and are less concerned whether we be pleased or not.
– Jonathan Swift

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