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20 Famous Airline Quotes And Sayings On Flight Travel

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Best Airline Quotes and Sayings

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Most airlines move too fast in a merger. Speed is not as critical as efficiency.
– Bill Vaughan

Airlines are one of the last things to be liberalized.
– Tony Fernandes

Airlines are interesting. They not only favor celebrities, they court them.
– Phil Donahue

If you want to be a Millionaire, start with a billion dollars and launch a new airline.
– Richard Branson

The scientific theory I like best is that the rings of Saturn are composed entirely of lost airline luggage.
– Mark Russell

It’s the old adage: You can make a pizza so cheap, nobody will eat it. You can make an airline so cheap, nobody will fly it.
– Gordon Bethune

Airline travel is hours of boredom interrupted by moments of stark terror.
– Al Boliska

Let me be very honest and just say that if any airline would let me take the violin and the laptop on board I would fly that airline all the time.
– Lara St. John

Humorous Airline Quotes And Sayings

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The airline business is the biggest team sport in the world. When you’re all consumed with fighting among yourselves, your opponents can run over you every day.
– Gordon Bethune

Airlines go in the long run at the competition to reason. For the passenger the competition is good, because each competitor tries to undercut the other one.
– Niki Lauda

Southwest Airlines is successful because the company understands it’s a customer service company. It also happens to be an airline.
– Harvey Mackay

I’ve spent my life as an airplane mechanic, pilot, aircraft manufacturer and airline CEO who never lost a life or an airplane. I am considerate of the risk we take every time we fly. I also know we need to fly and always to improve safety.
– Gordon Bethune

My father was an airline pilot, so we travelled more spontaneously than a lot of families. On a Thursday, we could decide to go somewhere like Barbados the next day for a long weekend.
– Chris Hadfield

You can’t have a mid-life crisis in the airline industry because every day is a crisis.
– Herb Kelleher

I’m not opposed to talking about airline food.
– Tig Notaro

In the fast-changing, information-filled world of the Internet, you never know what you might find. Maybe you’ll discover a great price on an airline ticket, or maybe you’ll come across that quote you’ve been racking your brain for.
– Dick Durbin

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