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25 Best and Famous Drummer Quotes and Sayings

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Read our best drummer quotes and sayings from renewed authors, musicians, and personalities around the globe.

It is an excellent choice to date a drummer. No, I am not kidding.

Researchers have linked drummers exhibiting higher intelligence levels, and drumming helps their brain release happy and feel-good hormones, namely endorphins and enkephalins.

Playing drums, in general, is a great stress buster activity as it helps make your brain sharper to rhythms and overall better coordination of body, mind, and music.

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Keep reading our short and inspiring drummer quotes collection if you are inclined to play drums or love the energy of a drummer.

Best Drummer Quotes and Sayings

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Do you know why they call a drummer’s seat a throne? Because drummers are kings and queens.
– Ed Thigpen

There is no roles. No one is keeping any roles. The drummer is also answering everybody and everything. So it is a constant conversation and communication between musicians on an extremely high level with extremely valuable material, motifs, and melodies.
– Miroslav Vitous

If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, owever measured or far away.
Henry David Thoreau

Historically, musicians know what it is like to be outside the norm – walking the high wire without a safety net. Our experience is not so different from those who march to the beat of different drummers.
– Billy Joel

Drummers haven’t managed to develop their individuality quite as well as guitarists have. We can be so focused on the nuts and bolts that we overlook the importance of individuality, the broader picture, if you will.
– Bill Bruford

But primarily, the drummer’s supposed to sit back there and swing the band.
– Buddy Rich

That’s what the drummer is supposed to do. Keep the time. If you can do something else besides that, fine. But the time is essential and non-negotiable.
– Elvin Jones

To be a drummer you also have to be a musician.
– Ian Paice

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Drummers shouldn’t just think of themselves as drummers. If you’re going to be a musician, you should expand your horizons, compose things, and work with other instruments.
– Stewart Copeland

Average band with a great drummer sounds great, great band with an average drummer sounds average.
– Buddy Rich

Every man must walk to the beat of his own drummer.
– Henry David Thoreau

Music is the beat of a drum that keeps time with our emotions.
– Shannon L. Alder

The drum is the heart of music. The saxophone can play and then rest, as can all of them except the drums; the drummer keeps going – he can’t afford to stop.
– Jo Jones

Drummers – sometimes they play and they listen. And that little listen takes a speck away from the right tempo.
– Miles Davis

There is no music unless the drum and the drummer are one.
– E. E. Cummings

Music shouldn’t be just a tune, it should be a touch.
– Amit Kalantri

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As a drummer, you’re always fighting for a level that you never quite attain.
– Damien Chazelle

The drummer’s always going to be there. They’re the floor of the whole deal and everyone can stand up on you.
– Ringo Starr

If you drum open handed, you automatically look like a better/cooler drummer than every other drummer.
– Christopher Mintz

March to the beat of your own drummer.
– Henry David Thoreau

Before you can follow your own drummer, you have to hear the drummer.
– Srikumar Rao

It takes a pretty good drummer to be better than no drummer at all.
– Chet Baker

Drummers are conductors, we set the pace for the music so if you’re not relaxed and feeling right, the whole thing goes out the window.
– Steven Adler

A drummer is usually like the backbone.
– Brody Dalle

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