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45 Cute Koala Quotes And Sayings For Animal Lovers

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Explore our adorable Koala quotes and sayings from environmental activists and wildlife explorers to understand how crucial it is to save them from habitat loss.

The fluffy and cute Koala bear is native to Australia. They are nocturnal animals, meaning they sleep the whole day and are awake at night.

They live on tall Eucalypt trees and are famous for sleeping more than 18 – 20 hours to conserve energy from their low nutritious diet of gum leaves.

One quirky quote about Koala bears says,

I’m a koala and I sleep all day and I eat eucalyptus leaves. And I’m just like, ‘I’m a koala. I’m a koala bear.’ And people are like, ‘Oh, you’re so funny.
– Karl Pilkington

Due to human greed, mismanagement of local Government, and global warming, 80% of koalas’ natural habitat has been destroyed, leading to the danger of extinction.

Hence, it is vital to save koalas from extinction apart from adoring their cuteness.

Let the save koala quote below act as a gentle reminder.

Saving koalas isn’t just about saving a cute animal; it’s about preserving biodiversity and the health of our ecosystems.
– Unknown

We hope our Koala quotes and sayings remind us to live a sustainable lifestyle and reduce reckless consumption of earth’s resources.

Inspiring Koala Quotes And Sayings

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I’d love to hold a koala. They sleep 22 hours a day, eat eucalyptus leaves and just hang out. I want to spend some time with that guy.
– Milo Ventimiglia

I can be faulted for being overly fond of koala bears. I don’t know what it is. When they start munching on eucalyptus, I just melt inside.
– Chuck Lorre

Koala’ in one tribal language also meant ‘no water’, a pertinent name for an animal that rarely drinks.
– Ann Mozley Moyal

Like monkeys, koalas have five fingers on each hand. These claws are long. They make climbing and leaping from branch to branch very easy for koalas.
– Diana Star Helmer

Koalas are nocturnal animals, which means that they are more active at night than during the day. Even so, a koala spends most of its life–day and night—asleep.
– Caroline Arnold

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The koala thinks the day is for sleeping; the night for living.
– Thomas Wood

When it is rainy or cold, a koala does not have to seek shelter. Its thick fur is waterproof and provides plenty of warmth. During hot weather, it sheds some of its fur.
– Caroline Arnold

When it comes to food, koalas are very fussy eaters.
– Jan Latta

Does koala bear poop smell like cough drops?
– Tom Robbins

In Australia, a land so dry and arid, Koalas live in trees by day in order to bear it.
– C.D. Roberts

The naive tend to think that, by feeding a snake, it will turn into a koala one day.
– Robin Sacredfire

Our slow moving koala is a triumph of evolution, able to survive and thrive on a diet of gum leaves, not the most nutritious plants. Its solution to the problem of handling such food made the koala a success story of the Australian forests.
– Stephen Jackson

If you would be gay and free, take my tip and live in a tree.
– Norman Lindsay

Cuteness Loaded Koala Bear Quotes

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We have simultaneously raised the koala up high in our estimation and lowered its chance of survival. Ours is a love-hate relationship of far-reaching consequences.
– Ann Sharp

It is one of the most extraordinary occurrences in the whole story of natural history that such a most peculiar animal should have received no scientific name for eight years after its first record.
– Tom Iredale

It stands quite alone the solitary species of its genus.
– John Gould

Eat away, chew away, munch and bolt and guzzle. Never leave the table till you’re full up to the muzzle.
– Norman Lindsay

I did find out about the koalas and how eucalyptus makes them high and why they sleep all day. They’re little druggies.
– Kristen Bell

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I hate having long hair. It’s like walking around with a dead koala on your back!
– Russell Crowe

My favourite animal is the koala, but his life would be boring. I would rather be a giraffe so that I could contemplate the beauty of Africa.
– Caterina Murino

There is no pleasing you! And koalas and otters don’t even live near each other!
– Chuck Lorre

The koala. Its adorable appearance belies a vile temperament.
– Christopher Markus

The koala is fully grown at the age of one year, but is is still young and stays with its mother.
– Bobbie Kalman

People use eucalyptus wood to make railroad ties and build ships. The koala’s long arms are just for these tall trees. Because they climb so well, koalas are sometimes called ‘monkey bears.
– Diana Star Helmer

The koala is the largest arboreal, or tree-climbing, mammal on the island continent in Australia. It is instantly recognisable by its short, stocky build, lack of tail, large fluffy ears and spoon-shaped nose.
– Stephen Jackson

Cute Koala Quotes And Sayings

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The koala can vary considerable in size and colour throughout its distribution.
– Stephen Jackson

Koalas are marsupials. A marsupial mother has a pouch on her belly. Her baby lives and grows in it.
– Susan H. Gray

At birth, a baby koala cannot hear and its eyes are closed. But is has strong arms. It can crawl into its mother’s pouch to sleep.
– Susan H. Gray

If a koala feels threatened, it will bite its enemy. It will bite on the same spot many times. The koala can do quite of damage doing this.
– Sharon Greenaway

Koala do not like to scratch their enemy. Their claws are mostly used just for climbing.
– Sharon Greenaway

Tree clearing and logging by humans is also a threat. We take logs to build houses. The land is also cleared for farms. This means the koala has no more place to live.
– Sharon Greenaway

Koalas spend most of their time in eucalyptus trees. They eat almost nothing except eucalyptus leaves, back, and fruit. A koala has many adaptations that help it live this unusual life.
– Mary King Hoff

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A koalas eyes’s are in front of their heads, rather than on the sides. This helps them judge how far away something is–a valuable skill when living above the ground!
– Mary King Hoff

Koalas have a good sense of smell. They use it to choose the best eucalyptus leaves to eat.
– Mary King Hoff

Koalas may look like little bears. But they belong to the marsupial family. Kangaroos are marsupials too.
– Grace Hansen

The koala feed upon the tender shoots of the bubble gum tree, being more particularly fond of this of any other food; it rests during the day on the tops of these trees, feeding at its ease, or sleeping.
– Ann Mozley Moyal

Koalas are mammals. Mammals are warm-blooded animals.
– Bobbie Kalman

A marsupial baby is different from other mammal babies. It grows inside its mother’s body for only a short time. The tiny baby then moves to a pouch on its mother’s abdomen, where it drinks milk and finishes growing.
– Bobbie Kalman

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