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25 Healthy and Fresh Vegetable Quotes and Sayings

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Keep reading our enriching, healthy vegetable quotes and sayings for longevity and disease-free holistic living.

Though the sight of a salad bowl is looked at with distaste, we all know the importance veggies play in having a healthy body.

Eating a bowl of veggies either raw, sauteed, toasted or cooked thoroughly is a sure-shot way of improving one’s overall lifestyle.

Vegetables are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals with the goodness of fiber and other antioxidants.

Post industrialization, we have shifted from eating healthy to overly processed junk foods leading to many metabolic disorders and obesity.

Let our eating fresh vegetable quotes and sayings make us revise our diet choices and give nutritional foods the right place in daily eating.

Best Vegetable Quotes and Sayings

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My passion is about motivating as many families as possible to learn about vegetables and healthy eating together.
– Jennie Garth

If there is one vegetable which is God-given, it is the haricot bean.
– Jean-Henri Fabre

If you have never tasted a braised vegetable, you’ll find it is a revelation.
– James Beard

Accepting your own mortality is like eating your vegetables: You may not want to do it, but it’s good for you.
– Caitlin Doughty

Vegetables, herbs and spices. If you can combine those ingredients, that would be the best dish you’d ever cook!
– Rinrin Marinka

Vegetables are something God invented to let women get even with their children.
– P. J. O’Rourke

Fruits And Vegetable Quotes

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The essential quality of an animal is that it seeks its own living, whereas a vegetable has its living brought to it.
– Henry Mayhew

If you get vegetables in season, the difference is remarkable compared to vegetables that might have been imported. You can’t beat fresh ingredients and seasonal fresh ingredients. There’s nothing quite like the taste of a beautiful summer strawberry.
– William Katt

Let the fresh fruits and vegetables be your guide, and make something that will keep for the whole week.
– Marcus Samuelsson

Without civilization, we would not turn into animals, but vegetables.
– Mason Cooley

A vegetable garden in the beginning looks so promising and then after all little by little it grows nothing but vegetables, nothing, nothing but vegetables.
– Gertrude Stein

Vegetables deplete soil. They’re extractive. If soil has a bank account, vegetables make the largest withdrawals.
– Dan Barber

Funny Vegetable Quotes

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The only way to get vegetables at a diner late night is to order the omelette. A feta cheese and broccoli omelette.
– Lisa Loeb

Vegetables are interesting but lack a sense of purpose when unaccompanied by a good cut of meat.
– Fran Lebowitz

It must be hard to cook if you anthropomorphisize your vegetables.
– Bill Watterson

Artichoke: That vegetable of which one has more at the finish than at the start of dinner
– Lord Chesterfield

You can eat a lot more vegetables than you can cotton candy. Bring on the veggies. Stay away from the fluffy carbs.
– Stephen Furst

They say that vegetable food is not sufficiently nutritious. But chemistry proves the contrary. So does physiology. So does experience. And again: the largest and strongest animals in the world are those which eat no flesh-food of any kind – the elephant and the rhinoceros.
– R. Trall

Cute Vegetable Quotes

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Facts must be faced. Vegetables simply don’t taste as good as most other things do.
– Peg Bracken

Vegetables contain more nutriment than an equal amount of dead flesh. This will sound a surprising and incredible statement to many people, because they have been brought up to believe that they cannot exist unless they defile themselves with flesh, and this delusion is so widely spread that it is difficult to awaken the average man from it.
– Charles Webster Leadbeater

No vegetable exists which is not better slightly undercooked.
– James Beard

He who has never envied the vegetable has missed the human drama.
– E.M. Cioran

If home cooks shopped in their own vegetable bin before going to the market, they would save money and help the environment, too, and all because they decided to rescue a vegetable before it turned bad.
– Dana Cowin

The difference of a single day is perceptible. Vegetables can only be tasted in perfection, gathered the same day.
– John Pintard

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