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30 Best Silicon Valley Quotes for the Ambitious Go Getters

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Read our uplifting Silicon Valley quotes and sayings from successful entrepreneurs and their highly ambitious spirit to create big organizations.

Silicon Valley is the most prestigious global hub for technological innovation and the rise of the digital world of the Internet.

It hosts most of the world’s popular start-ups and highly successful tech companies, including Apple, Facebook, and Google.

Silicon Valley is more seen as the place of American capitalistic ideology of amassing wealth through economic progress than as a mere geographic location.

It is still seen as a dream, honor, and a matter of privilege to mark a successful position in Silicon Valley.

Even today, it is home to the world’s wealthiest people and hence a hotbed for venture capitalists.

We hope you will love reading our handpicked silicon valley quotes collection to fuel your dreams to make it into the elite club.

Best Silicon Valley Quotes and Sayings

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Silicon Valley is a mindset, not a location.
– Reid Hoffman

At the core of Silicon Valley is a passion for ‘yes.’
– Steven Levy

Look at what Silicon Valley has done – the advance of computers.
– Buzz Aldrin

The real secret of Silicon Valley is that it’s really all about the people.
– Reid Hoffman

Silicon Valley has some of the smartest engineers and technology business people in the world.
– Elon Musk

Everyone knows that Silicon Valley is chock full of fabulous people who do good while doing well.
– Ron Gutman

Silicon Valley’s success comes from the way its companies build alliances with their employees.
– Reid Hoffman

For Silicon Valley and its idols, innovation is the new selfishness.
– Evgeny Morozov

What created Silicon Valley was a culture of openness, and there is no future to Silicon Valley without it.
– Sarah Lacy

You want failures to be small and informational. Silicon Valley does very well. It knows how to use failure as a tool for improvement.
– Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Two million people live in Silicon Valley and one million of them believe they’ve discovered the next big thing.
– Ben Smith

The natives of Silicon Valley learned long ago that when you share your knowledge with someone else, one plus one usually equals three. You both learn each other’s ideas, and you come up with new ones.
– Vivek Wadhwa

Being in Silicon Valley is like playing for the Yankees. You get knocked around more than anywhere else, the glare of the media spotlight is more brutal, and the expectations are higher than they’d be in any other city.
– Sarah Lacy

Inspirational Silicon Valley Quotes and Sayings

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In Silicon Valley, when you’re a private company, the entrepreneur can do no wrong.
– Ben Horowitz

Silicon Valley wouldn’t exist without massive government spending and in fact initiative.
– Noam Chomsky

A remarkable thing about the Silicon Valley culture is that its status structure is so based on technical accomplishment and prowess.
– Jaron Lanier

We don’t celebrate failure in Silicon Valley. We celebrate learning.
– Reid Hoffman

In Silicon Valley, if you spend a lot of time thinking about the obstacles, you’ll talk yourself out of everything, because the more you look at it, the less logical something sounds, since no one has done it yet.
– Dan Rosensweig

Silicon Valley tends to believe in the individual who creates a small group and does something big.
– Reid Hoffman

Silicon Valley is the best place to start a tech company in so many ways.
– Niklas Zennstrom

Silicon Valley tends to fall in love with the new new thing.
– Adam Lashinsky

In Silicon Valley, you want things done instantly.
– Anne Wojcicki

Silicon Valley has infinite access to capital and can lose money indefinitely.
– John Landgraf

Silicon Valley is like Wall Street in that it will fill and pursue market opportunities to their logical extremes.
– Andrew Yang

Silicon Valley tends to be very myopic – to be focused on one or two things – which has some strengths as well as weaknesses.
– Reid Hoffman

Part of the beauty of Silicon Valley is that people generally encourage you to think crazy. It’s the hypothesis that there’s nothing sacred that can’t be changed.
– Anne Wojcicki

Silicon Valley does not breed great technology. Instead, the smartest people from around the world tend to move to Silicon Valley.
– Patrick Collison

Highly Motivating Silicon Valley Quotes

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