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75 Fascinating Las Vegas Quotes and Sayings

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Read our famous Las Vegas Quotes and sayings if you are a party monger and love the energy, vibes, and the never dull nightlife of the city that never sleeps.

Las Vegas is best known as the world’s entertainment capital with glamorous casinos and pubs and attracts many tourists around the year.

It is also infamously dubbed as the sinful city of America for its over glossy lifestyle, drinking, smoking, overindulging in adult entertainment, gambling, organized crime, and much more.

Hence the famous slogan ‘what happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas.’

But there is always much more to any vibrant city in the U.S, and let’s not altogether reject a place because it is leaning more on the fun side.

If you are a global wanderlust and planning a trip, our best vegas quotes for vacation would serve as a good travel booster.

You can use these vegas quotes for your Instagram captions as well.

Best Vegas Quotes and Sayings

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Vegas must be a great town for Laundromats. Nobody lives there, everybody is just passing through, leaving a little bit of dirt.
– John Updike

There’s really only one constant in Las Vegas and that’s change.
– Travis Hoium

Las Vegas is the most honest fake city in the world.
– Frank Scoblete

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but that doesn’t matter when you live there.
– Michelle Madow

While I was busy hating Vegas, and hiding from Vegas, a funny thing happened. I grew to love Vegas.
– J. R. Moehringer

Las Vegas is the boiling pot of entertainment.
– Don Rickles

Las Vegas is a city built on hopes, dreams, and a little bit of crazy.
– Michael Mcdonald

It’s hard to imagine a bigger desert oasis than Las Vegas.
– Cinnamon Stomberger

Sin City Vegas Quotes

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If you aim to leave Las Vegas with a small fortune, go there with a large one.
– Unknown

Las Vegas, Nevada: A city where oddities don’t make you lame, but instead bring you riches and fortune and fame.
– Walter Wykes

Vegas embodies every brash, joyous cliche about the U.S. that the rest of the world hopes might be true.
– Mark Ellwood

Vegas is the most extreme and allegorical of American settlements, bizarre and beautiful in its venality and in its devotion to immediate gratification.
– Joan Didion

Many a man who goes to Las Vegas to get away from it all soon finds that Las Vegas gets it all away from him.
– Evan Esar

Las Vegas was and is a hard town that will make you pay for your inability to restrain your desires. If you have a weakness, Las Vegas will punish you.
– Hal Rothman

Las Vegas: A Savage Journey to the Heart of the American Dream.
– Hunter S. Thompson

Seriously, why tour the world when all you have to do is visit Las Vegas and see all the highlights in one location?
– Jeff Maguire

Funny Vegas Quotes

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Las Vegas is a feast or famine kind of city.
– Kevin Raiford

For a loser, Vegas is the meanest town on earth.
– Hunter S. Thompson

Las Vegas is the only place I know where money really talks–it says, Goodbye.
– Frank Sinatra

Las Vegas is a very strange place. It’s a place of broken dreams.
– Concha Buika

Vegas means comedy, tragedy, happiness and sadness all at the same time.
– Artie Lange

Las Vegas, the most expensive toilet in the world that still can’t flush.
– Brin-Jonathan Butler

Las Vegas is the suicide capital of America and not everyone who comes here leaves here. Sometimes, what happens in Vegas truly stays in Vegas.
– Paul W. Papa

Vegas is a celebration.
– Jose Andres

Fascinating My New Vegas Quotes

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In Las Vegas, nothing ends very well.
– Walter Wykes

If you know how to live in Vegas you can have the best time.
– Tony Curtis

What happens in Vegas, I’m telling everyone.
– Dane Cook

Everything and anything you want to do, you can do in Las Vegas.
– Drew Carey

Vegas is the answer, no matter the question.
– unknown

There’s just no quiet in Vegas.
– Barry Manilow

Las Vegas is a 24-hour city. It never stops.
– Eli Roth

Contemporary Las Vegas is astonishing. At night, it is a brilliant cluster of jewels of all shapes, sizes, and colors, glowing in the middle of a vast, black velvet canopy. By day, it is also an amazing sight, almost like a mirage. There is nothing but desert and rugged mountains all around, and then- in the middle of it all – one of the largest and fastest growing cities in the United States. Truly an enigma.
– Thomas Taj Ainlay

Stay Or Leaving Vegas Quotes

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Las Vegas is sort of like how God would do it if he had money.
– Steve Wynn

Las Vegas gets talked about: on TV, in movies, books and magazines and newspaper articles. It’s not always positive attention.
– Stephanie Grimes

Las Vegas looks the way you’d imagine heaven must look at night.
– Chuck Palahniuk

Hatred is not what Las Vegas is about.
– Oscar Goodman

Adopted by the Las Vegas Conventions and Visitors Authority in 2002, the saying, along with ‘What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas,’ helped the Las Vegas brand become the second-most recognized brand in the country, after Google.
– Stephanie Grimes

Las Vegas suggests that the thirst for places, for cities and gardens and wilderness, is unslaked, that people will still seek out the experience of wandering about in the open air to examine the architecture, the spectacles, and the stuff for sale, will still hanker after surprises and strangers. That the city as a whole is one of the most pedestrian-unfriendly places in the world suggests something of the problems to be faced, but that its attraction is a pedestrian oasis suggests the possibility of recovering the spaces in which walking is viable.
– Rebecca Solnit

The first thing he noticed was that Las Vegas seemed to have invented a new school of functional architecture, ‘The Gilded Mousetrap School’ he thought it might be called, whose main purpose was to channel the customer-mouse into the central gambling trap whether he wanted the cheese or not.
– Ian Fleming

The temptation is always to think of Las Vegas as a gambling mecca, the ‘Entertainment Capital of the World’. Well, it’s that. But, it’s a lot more than that as well. There are beautiful natural rock formations, rare plants and animals, and even pseudo-alpine regions. Just because you can see for a hundred miles doesn’t mean that there’s nothing there to see, and open desert allows you to see things in a different way. There is nothing to block your view, and nothing to hide behind.
– James Stanford

Love Vegas Quotes Life

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The secret of Vegas is that money is boring. Hence all the bluster.
– Jace Clayton

And the desert shall reclaim, it’s wealth!
– Danikelii

Little bit of this town goes a very long way. After five days in Vegas you feel like you’ve been here for five years.
– Hunter S. Thompson

The people who say New York never sleeps must have never visited Las Vegas.
– Michelle Madow

The casino played a song of its own—slot machines dinging, chips clacking as the dealer passed them out to the players at the tables, and the chatter of people throwing down money with the hope of hitting it big. It was like a carnival for adults. A person could get lost for days in a place like this.
– Michelle Madow

Outside, Vegas stretched out with thousands of glittering lights, as if the city waged war on the stars above.
– Katherine McIntyre

What happens in Vegas ends up all over the world news.
– Steven Magee

Boy, you get greedy in Vegas.
– Louie Anderson

Hangover Vegas Quotes And Sayings

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Every time I go to Vegas, I seem to incur some kind of fine.
– Artie Lange

You’re not supposed to like Vegas. It’s just this creeping virus that people catch sometimes.
– William Goldman

Here in Vegas there’s only one way to make sure you don’t lose any money: the moment you step off the plane, you walk right into the propellers.
– Gene Roddenberry

Ah, Las Vegas, Nevada. The best getaway city in these United States. A place so carefree and lawless that the law itself is outlawed. It’s a place so magical and mystical that it more or less had to give birth to the term ‘What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.’
– Brad Jones

There is no place like it. It is literally a beacon of civilization. Peering from space at their cloud-speckled blue and blood rust planet, astronauts make out the lights of Las Vegas before anything else, a first sign of life on earth.
– Barbara Land

Long before it was even a town-railroad stop established in the place was called Las Vegas. Spanish-speaking traders from New Mexico, on their way to California in 1892, strayed from the Old Spanish Trail blazed in 1776 by Spanish missionaries.
– Barbara Land

Thousands of years before it had a Spanish name, the valley that became Las Vegas attracted thirsty travelers.
– Barbara Land

Las Vegas was built on someone else’s money, and I’m one of those many someone else’s.
– Joseph Julius Bonkowski

What Happens In Vegas Quotes

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I seemed to have mistaken money for the desert when I was in Las Vegas.
– Joseph Julius Bonkowski

In Vegas you can’t find a good game of Russian roulette.
– Joseph Julius Bonkowski

Las Vegas adopted a pace which was to persist into the 1980s – a tempo which is casual, yet hectic.
– Ralph J. Roske

Las Vegas liked to consider itself a living remnant of the Old West.
– Ralph J. Roske

In the late 1930s, Las Vegas gambling seemed little more than a secondary force for prosperity, behind chamber of commerce-promoted tourism based on the western motif.
– Ralph J. Roske

The first owners of casinos in downtown Las Vegas were ‘locals’ who had neither the capital nor the expertise to run large scale casinos.
– Ralph J. Roske

Most significant for Las Vegas’ gambling growth was the migration to Las Vegas, late in the thirties, of experienced gambling operators, mostly from southern California.
– Ralph J. Roske

Las Vegas Valley is a flat, a very flat stretch of about 500 square mile of dry desert land surrounded by smooth, treeless brown mountains.
– David Littlejohn

Las Vegas Quotes For Instagram

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The industry in Las Vegas is casino gambling, which its representatives would like you to call the Gaming Industry.
– David Littlejohn

Las Vegas claims to be the number-one tourist destination in the U.S., with more than 30 million visitors a year (although Orlando and New York continue to make the same claim).
– David Littlejohn

Las Vegas has more hotel rooms than any other city in the world.
– David Littlejohn

Las Vegas is the kind of place that generates urban legends, which then become an ineradicable part of its image.
– David Littlejohn

Las Vegas is a ‘town like any other,’ full of good-hearted, hard-working family people who are active in churches and community organizations, who work for a great number of good causes, and whose children join the Scouts and play Little League ball.
– David Littlejohn

There was mystery and myth to be found, I was convinced, under ‘fabulous’ Las Vegas.
– Matthew O’Brien

Las Vegas is unique. We have casinos. We have millions of tourists. You’re always going to have homelessness here, because of the gambling and alcohol. You can’t look at other cities and see how they’re handling it. It’s just different.
– Matthew O’Brien

Living in Las Vegas required me to be nourished by something other than slot machines and the night life.
– Donn Trenner

Both Las Vegas and Los Angeles have always lacked a certain sophistication you’ll find in New York, but working in Vegas was great.
– Donn Trenner

Regulars who go to Las Vegas usually have two goals: what can I win and what can I get for free?
– Donn Trenner

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