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35 Inspiring Knitting Quotes to Warm Your Soul and Needles

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Read our knitting quotes and sayings from famous knitters, art weavers, and personalities who weave beauty through their hands and minds.

Knitting is not just a hobby; it’s a form of meditation, creativity, and connection. Something magical happens as the rhythmic click-clack of the needles intertwines with the soft yarn.

The act of knitting has been described as therapeutic, calming, and even addictive by many enthusiasts.

It’s unsurprising that knitting has stood the test of time and continues to captivate people from all walks of life.

What are some sayings of Knitters?

Renowned author Barbara G. Walker once said,

The only thing better than singing is more singing; the only thing better than knitting is more knitting.
– Barbara G. Walker

The above sentiment perfectly captures the essence of knitting.

It’s not just about creating beautiful garments or accessories but also about experiencing a sense of fulfillment and joy in every stitch.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a curious beginner, there is something enchanting about unraveling the mysteries of this ancient craft.

Let’s explore the knitting world and uncover its timeless appeal with our handpicked knitting quotes collection.

Elizabeth Zimmermann quotes,

Knit on, with confidence and hope, through all crises. This timeless activity offers solace and respite amid chaos and uncertainty.
– Elizabeth Zimmermann

The rhythmic motion of the needles and the soft caress of yarn create a sense of calm that is unmatched by any other pastime.

Why is knitting fun?

Knitting allows us to slow down, focus our thoughts, and create something beautiful stitch by stitch.

In today’s fast-paced world, knitting allows us to disconnect from technology and reconnect with our inner creativity.

Every loop and knot reminds us of the ancient artistry passed down through generations.

As Stephanie Pearl-McPhee beautifully expressed,

In a way, I think knitters are unique people because they’re creating order where there was none.
– Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

Each project becomes a testament to our ability to bring order into chaos, shaping raw materials into carefully crafted garments or accessories.

Knitting produces tangible items and fosters mental clarity and resilience as we navigate life’s intricacies one row at a time.

Is knitting a relaxing hobby?

Knitting is a timeless and rewarding craft that offers its practitioners myriad benefits.

From stress reduction and mental well-being to the creation of beautiful, personalized items, the art of knitting has an enduring appeal.

Its therapeutic qualities provide a sense of calm and focus, allowing individuals to immerse themselves in a meditative and creative process.

Additionally, knitting fosters a strong sense of community and connection among enthusiasts who share tips, patterns, and affinity.

As we continue to embrace the joys of knitting, let’s encourage others to explore this enriching hobby and experience its many positive effects on our lives.

Whether you’re a seasoned knitter or starting, the knitting world awaits endless possibilities for creativity and relaxation.

We hope our quotes on knitting are a worthwhile read.

Love Knitting Quotes And Sayings

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Really, all you need to become a good knitter are wool, needles, hands, and slightly below-average intelligence. Of course superior intelligence, such as yours and mine, is an advantage.
– Elizabeth Zimmermann

Knitting not only relaxes me, it also brings a feeling of being at home.
– Magdalena Neuner

I recognize that knitting can improve my mood in trying circumstances.
– Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

Stick to your knitting (what you’re good at), don’t compromise, and don’t suffer fools.
– Simon Campbell

When people see me knitting, I tell them I’m a knitter. Not the sort of knitter they may have run into before, but a passionate, constant, deliberate knitter. I knit everyday, all the time, everywhere I go.
– Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

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I took up knitting from time to time as a relaxation, but I always put it down again before going out to buy a rocking chair.
– Beatrice Lillie

A half finished shawl left on the coffee table isn’t a mess; it’s an object of art.
– Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

Knitting is repetitive, rewarding, and calms me down like a warm bath. But it takes up just enough brainspace that I can’t come up with ideas. Which is too bad, because I love multitasking.
– Vera Brosgol

The twitch above my right eye will disappear with knitting practice.
– Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

Marriages should culminate on account of the wishes of the couple. It is their knitting of the hearts that should lead to marriages.
– Periyar E. V. Ramasamy

Inspirational Knitting Quotes And Sayings

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Keep working. Keep trying. Keep believing. You still might not make it, but at least you gave it your best shot. If you don’t have calluses on your soul, this isn’t for you. Take up knitting instead.
– David Eddings

Really, handknitting is a dreamy activity, built into many people’s thumbs and fingers by genes already there, itching to display their skills and achievement possibilities.
– Elizabeth Zimmermann

When you are knitting socks and sweaters and scarves, you aren’t just knitting. You are assigning a value to human effort. You are holding back time. You are preserving the simple unchanging act of handwork.
– Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

It’s such a human condition, whether you’re a great track star or a great knitting person or you paint watercolors – someone knows who you are.
– Tony Curtis

I will resist the urge to underestimate the complexity of knitting.
– Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

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Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn’t hurt the untroubled spirit either.
– Elizabeth Zimmermann

The only difference between an experienced knitter and new knitter is that the experienced knitter makes bigger mistakes faster. Be bold; there are no terrible consequences in knitting.
– Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

I explain at the parties that I believe knitting is a transformative and intriguing act that can change the life and brain of the person doing it, and that knitting is a perfect metaphor for life and insight into some better ways through it.
– Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

There’s one little room in my house which is filled with all my clutter and bits and pieces. My sewing machine is up there, and all my knitting stuff. Its a place where I can go to relax and unwind. I don’t get to spend a lot of time up there, but at least I know its there.
– Julia Roberts

One of the greatest joys of leadership is assembling and knitting together teams of fantastic people.
– Bill Hybels

Motivational Knitting Quotes And Sayings

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I learned to knit in 2002, six months after my 5-year-old daughter, Grace, died suddenly from a virulent form of strep. I was unable to read or write, and friends suggested I take up knitting; almost immediately I fell under its spell.
– Ann Hood

It is a little known fact that much like birds, who can always find north, knitters can always find yarn.
– Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

What? You can’t knit in the dark? Stuff and nonsense; anybody can. Shut your eyes. Knit one stitch. Open your eyes and look at the stitch; it’s all right. Shut your eyes and knit two stitches. Open them. Shut them. Knit three stitches. Falling off a log is no comparison.
– Elizabeth Zimmermann

Knitters use knitting to value-add to the world.
– Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

My other creative outlet is knitting; aside from being fun, it is my antidote to the film business: I have full creative control, there is no development process, and I can self-finance.
– Linda Goldstein Knowlton

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Knitting is formed by a series of loops pulled through loops to the end of time or to ‘desired length’. By picking up loops and working in the opposite direction you are really picking up the concavities between the loops, and it is sheer unexpected witchcraft that stocking stitch and garter stitch will permit such an anomaly. Be grateful for this and don’t expect anymore.
– Elizabeth Zimmermann

Amazing what the application of a knitting needle could do for one’s manners.
– Lauren Willig

The number one reason knitters knit is because they are so smart that they need knitting to make boring things interesting.
– Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

Now comes what I perhaps inflatedly call my philosophy of knitting. Like many philosophies, it is hard to express in a few words. Its main tenets are enjoyment and satisfaction, accompanied by thrift, inventiveness, an appearance of industry, and, above all, resourcefulness.
– Elizabeth Zimmermann

Everybody tells me that they would love to knit, but they don’t have time. I look at people’s lives and I can see opportunity and time for knitting all over the place. The time spent riding the bus each day? That’s a pair of socks over a month. Waiting in line? Mittens. Watching TV? Buckets of wasted time that could be an exquisite lace shawl.
– Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

Some knitters say that they buy yarn with no project in mind and wait patiently for the yarn to speak to them. This reminds me of Michelangelo, who believed that every block of stone he carved had the statue waiting inside and that all he did was reveal it. I think I’ve had yarn speak to me during the knitting process, and I’ve definitely spoken to it. Perhaps I’m doing it wrong, or maybe my yarn and I aren’t on such good terms, but it really seems to me that all I say is please and all it ever says is no.
– Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

I spend too much time on the Internet. But I do love knitting. Actually, I do more knitting when I’m working.
– Amanda Seyfried

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