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45 Best Occult Quotes, Sayings and Phrases

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Are you curious to know what famous authors and personalities have to say on these mysterious practices, then keep reading our occult quotes and sayings?

The occult is a set of supernatural beliefs and practices that are considered beyond human understanding.

People generally misinterpret the occult with mysticism, black magic, religion, and spirituality.

Magic, alchemy, and astrology are part of the occult theory, but the science fraternity considers it pseudo and superstitious.

Best Occult Quotes and Sayings

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You are the most powerful tool in your life. Use your energy, your thoughts and your magic wisely!
– Dacha Avelin

But sometimes change can be good! For instance, most occult scholars don’t know this, but if you’re bitten by a demon, and you live, you just might absorb some of the demon’s abilities.
– Diablo Cody

Occult. The word in its original translation means ‘hidden.’ Therefore, the study of the occult.. Uh, therefore the study of the occult is the study of hidden knowledge. Today we’re going to discuss it as it relates to resurrection.
– Julie Plec

This is black magic. This is hardcore. Don’t mess with the occult.
– Julian Barratt

Parapsychology is the study of occult phenomena: happenings for which there’s no rational explanation.
– Glen A. Larson

Yes, but the occult will always be with us, Chief Inspector. It reflects a part of our nature.
– Daniel Boyle

Science is always discovering odd scraps of magical wisdom and making a tremendous fuss about its cleverness.
– Aleister Crowley

I’ve often thought that there isn’t any ‘I’ at all; that we are simply the means of expression of something else; that when we think we are ourselves, we are simply the victims of a delusion.
– Aleister Crowley

Black Magic is the process of self-transformation through an antinomian initiatory structure, Black meaning the hidden wisdom, power of darkness, dreams and staging the reality you wish and Magic being the process to ascend, become immortal in spirit.
– Michael W. Ford

Remember that the Tarot is a great and sacred arcanum – its abuse is an obscenity in the inner and a folly in the outer. It is intended for quite other purposes than to determine when the tall dark man will meet the fair rich widow.
– Jack Parsons

The mystery religions were instituted in order to protect the marvels of the commonplace from those who would devalue them.
– Peter Redgrove

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A witch is a person who has honestly explored their light and has evolved to celebrate their darkness.
– Dacha Avelin

Witches do not need to fix problems. Witches fix the energy around problems. Then the problems fix themselves.
– Dacha Avelin

Magic is an art; using reality and the world as its canvas.
– Dacha Avelin

A little knowledge of the occult is dangerous. Unless it’s used for good, disaster will follow its wake. That is Cosmic Law!
– Clarence Upson Young

There is no more foul or relentless enemy of man in the occult world, than this dead-alive creature spewed up from the grave.
– Guy Endore

In the very old days in Japan, there prevailed a belief that a betrayed woman could become possessed with an occult power, strong enough to curse her deceiver to death.
– Toru Mihara

There is a gap between what we know and what we feel. Many feel the occult can bridge that gap. It can take us beyond ourselves, to the infinite.
– Nevill Drury

They are malefic, negative and destructive. Their knowledge of the art of the occult gives them tremendous powers. They can change the course of events and people’s lives, through harm.
– Dario Argento

There’s no point wondering. I’m gonna find her. When I was a teenager, I started reading every book I could find on the occult. I taught myself spells, rituals, curses. I learned to conjure all kinds of dead things. Just not her. Not yet.
– Daniel Cerone

The occult, demonology, exorcisms. Just before my sister was committed, she became deeply paranoid. She started talking about demons, angels.
– Jamie Delano

In the early ’30s, Adolf Hitler and his inner circle became obsessed with the occult, believing that the black arts were key to their plan for world domination.
– David Kajganich

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I’m tired of travelling or fighting superstition and its many manifestations. Even though it was me who chose to debunk folklore and mysticism. Little did I know I’d end up being labelled as Patrick Galloway, the man with endless occult knowledge.
– Clive Barker

The occult deserves a healthy respect, but it is nothing any Christian need dear.
– Walter Martin

When you are talking with people in the occult, remember that they are flesh and blood human beings, not supernatural caricatures.
– Walter Martin

God defines the occult as having its origin with Satan, the devil.
– Walter Martin

Occultism often denies the Trinity, the deity of Christ, His atonement on the Cross for our sins, and His bodily resurrection, but it may promote a blend of Christianity and occult beliefs.
– Walter Martin

Belief in the occult is a cross-cultural religious and quasi-religious phenomenon that is by no stretch of the imagination confined to Africa.
– James Kiernan

What is certain is that belief in the occult and its operations has not been diminished by modernization and globalization.
– James Kiernan

The occult is a flexible repertoire ideas, a cultural mechanism, that can be used by ordinary Africans.
– James Kiernan

The nature of the occult can itself be elusive.
– James Kiernan

The word occult means ‘secret’ and a common thread that runs through the occult movements is the secret nature of the beliefs and practices of occult practitioners.
– Kenneth Boa

There are good grounds for considering that such occultism is not fraudulent.
– Kenneth Boa

Witchcraft, sorcery, divination, and magic are ancient and universal. Every culture, primitive or civilized, East and West, has had its share or magicians, sorcerers, and witches.
– Kenneth Boa

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I believe occultism to be essentially reincarnation of ancient paganism, a revivification of the Pythagorean philosophy.
– Helena P. Blavatsky

Occultism asserts the eternal individuality of the soul, the imperishable force which is the cause and sustaining power of all organization.
– Helena P. Blavatsky

Occult powers, on the other hand, are much wider-ranging. They involve the ability to change dimensional structures and the evolutionary path of sentient beings.
– Frederick Lenz

The second attention is the occult side of the being. It is the ability to manipulate others, be it for good or ill intent.
– Frederick Lenz

The world is not prepared yet to understand the philosophy of Occult Sciences. Let them assure themselves first of all that there are beings in an invisible world, whether ‘Spirits’ of the dead or Elementals; and that there are hidden powers in man, which are capable of making a God of him on earth.
– Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

Demonic figures and occult themes have disappeared from modern magic.
– David Copperfield

The Secret of the Occult Sciences is that of Nature itself, the Secret of the generation of the Angels and Worlds, that of the Omnipotence of God.
– Albert Pike

The occult powers may be possessed by soul, but if they are not used in the right way it is a loss rather than a gain.
– Virchand Gandhi

Followers of the occult believe in only what they already know, and in those things that confirm what they have already learned.
– Umberto Eco

Witchcraft is, and was, not for everyone. Unless you have an attraction to the occult, a sense of wonder, a feeling that you can slip for a few minutes out of the world into the world of faery, it is of no use to you.
– Gerald Gardner

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