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30 Cute and Lovable Otter Quotes and Sayings

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Otters are marine mammals, exhibit funny and playful behavior, and have a life span of 16 years.

The unique features of otters are their web-like feet that assist them greatly in swimming and helps them hold their breath underwater when needed.

Due to hunting for their skin, furs, road killing, and habitat loss due to water pollution, many sea otter species have been extinct, and the remaining are termed endangered.

If you love watching these cute otters sliding into waters, read our funny otter quotes and sayings from various marine biologists and otter fans.

Best Otter Quotes and Sayings

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Otters loved the winter. They liked making angels in the snow. They liked to catch snowflakes on their tongues. Then they liked to make snow bears.
– Leah Lepofsky

To ensure a sustainable sea otter population in the future, we need to allow sea otters to expand their range without forcing them to live in one spot or another.
– Sam Farr

Sea otters face many challenges because their unique history, biology, and nearshore habitat place them in close proximity to, and often in adverse interactions with, humans.
– Elsevier Inc

The sea otter may be one of the most widely studied and intensively managed marine mammals.
– Elsevier Inc

Otters seem to make slides for fun. They will often slide down a muddy bank into the water, climb out, and do the whole thing again.
– Michael Leach

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An otter is well adapted for life in the water. It has special muscles for closing its ears and nostrils tightly so water can’t get in.
– Suzanne Tate

The otter has long seemed to me worthy of serious attention, if only for the successful struggle it has waged against those exterminating agencies.
– J. C. Tregarthen

Healthy otters tell us we have a healthy countryside.
– J. C. Tregarthen

Geographically the otter is widely distributed, found in every continent except Antarctica and Australia.
– Daniel Allen

The identity of the otter is also by no means fixed or unchanging.
– Daniel Allen


Few people actually see the Eurasian otter in the wild, yet it has become one of the most popular species.
– Daniel Allen

Otters spend most of their time swimming and feeding.
– Suzanne Tate

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I enjoy watching playful river otters in the pond behind my house. They are always on the move, dipping and diving in the water.
– Suzanne Tate

Sea otter fur ranges from brown to almost black with guard that be silver, light brown, or black. As a sea otter ages, their hands and necks will lighten until almost white.
– Jack Dickerson

The otter is a great wanderer, who not only traverses long stretches of coast and follows streams and rivers to their source, but crosses hills and even mountains to reach its fishing-grounds.
– J. C. Tregarthen

Consequently, sea otter spend much of their time cleaning and grooming their fur.
– Jack Dickerson

Sea otters will only eat while they are floating, but may also groom, rest, and nurse their young.
– Jack Dickerson


Sea otters are coastal, shallow water dwellers.
– Jack Dickerson

These little fur balls are very good swimmers and can stay underwater for three to four minutes at a time. Otters are very much like young boys and girls, because they spend most of their time playing.
– Michael R. Greyson

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Prior to the arrival of the European traders, the sea otter was traditionally prized for its fine fur and its pelt was worn by high-ranking people.
– Mike Robinson

Sea otters are animals that live in the ocean. They are about as big as a medium-size dog.
– Ruth Owen

Sea otters have very thick fur. The fur helps keep the otter’s body warm and dry in the cold water.
– Ruth Owen

Even an otter picks up a rock once in a while to open a clam.
– Chuck Lorre

The more ‘otter it is, the more ‘otter otters likes it.
– Brian Jacques

Information appears to stew out of me naturally, like the precious otter of roses out of the otter.
Mark Twain

Somebody said that writers are like otters… Otters, if they do a trick and you give them a fish, the next time they’ll do a better trick or a different trick because they’d already done that one. And writers tend to be otters. Most of us get pretty bored doing the same trick. We’ve done it, so let’s do something different.
– Neil Gaiman

Yet otters have not been hunters in water long enough for the habit to become an instinct.
– Henry Williamson

We [Americans] are game-playing, fun-loving creatures; we are the otters of the universe.
– Richard Bach

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