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25 Inspiring Dead End Quotes To Live Worry Free

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We hope our uplifting collection of dead end quotes and sayings from famous authors helps you make better decisions in life and not get mentally stuck and sad.

What is the saying about the dead end quotes?

Orrin Woodward beautifully quotes, ‘ there are no dead ends in life, only dead thinking.’

All our persistent mental sorrows are because we get mentally stuck to the assumption of who we think we are and try to find solutions to our life problems.

Hence, we keep beating around the same problem with the same way of thinking without reaching any possible solution.

To get a concrete solution to any persisting mental distress, we need to look sharply at the facts of our current suffering state without distorting them.

The more closely we observe and understand the messy situation, we get closer to the mental tendencies that have led us to the current mental agony.

Then, out of inner clarity, one throws light on the misplaced values, beliefs, emotions, and rigidities that our dear minds are holding onto, which has made our current life miserable.

How to live a problem-free life?

Life looks like a dead end when we are not ready to accept the fact- ‘that my own ignorance and misplaced desires are the reason for my current mental suffocation.’

The only and final solution to all our problems is to turn inwards and understand our mind for what it is in reality.

Because we all suffer mentally, we must get clarity on this worrying, always desirous, and nonstop thinking apparatus called the mind.

The best way to know who we are and why we end up living mentally sober lives is to start reading and understanding holy spiritual literature and the company of wisdom teachers.

These priceless wisdom books talk extensively about the mass suffering of human consciousness and why the way we live, relate, and feel swings between disappointments and desires.

We hope you find our handpicked dead end quotes collection insightful.

Best Dead End Quotes And Sayings

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If things go wrong and you hit a dead end – as you will – it’s just life’s way of saying it’s time to change course.
Oprah Winfrey

Negative expectations are a quick route to dead-end thinking.
– John C. Maxwell

There are no dead ends, just detours.
– Nora Roberts

Thinking that what you want equals what’s best for you is a dead end.
– Byron Katie

There are no dead ends in life, only dead end thinking.
– Orrin Woodward

I think that people who get to a certain position, and then try to ferociously defend it or build on it, it’s kind of a dead-end street. You see people becoming miserable that way.
– Viggo Mortensen

People who inspire others are those who see invisible bridges at the end of dead-end streets.
– Charles R. Swindoll

Work at what you love the most, even if you’re only a two. Trust that your love for what your are doing will see you through. That’s not easy, but better to grow into what you love than to pretend you’re satisfied with a developmental dead end.
– Laurence Boldt

Worry compounds the futility of being trapped on a dead-end street. Thinking opens new avenues.
– Cullen Hightower

The longer a dead-end, the more it looks like a road.
– Mikhail Turovsky

A dead end can never be a one way street; you can always turn around and take another road.
– Bo Bennett

It is only in God that we discover our origin, our identity, our meaning, our purpose, our significance, and our destiny. Every other path leads to a dead end.
– Rick Warren

Top Dead End Quotes On Relationships

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A dead end street is a good place to turn around.
– Naomi Judd

If you start trying to figure out yourself from the image everyone has of you, you run into a dead end.
– Sam Shepard

It is a sure sign that a culture has reached a dead end when it is no longer intrigued by its myths.
– Greil Marcus

People go on exploration; they’re trying to find places that weren’t known before. But it is an inevitable fact of research, as is in any other form of exploration of the unknown, that some people find they go down a dead end.
– Mark Walport

There are ends, occasionally, with projects. That happens. But they are natural dead ends. It’s usually the outside situation that demands an ending. I never really settle for one.
– Aleksandra Mir

An ordinary mistake is one that leads to a dead end, while a profound mistake is one that leads to progress. Anyone can make an ordinary mistake, but it takes a genius to make a profound mistake.
– Frank Wilczek

I’m sure that in the fullness of time we’ll learn that one or more of these seemingly promising technologies were dead ends. And that’s the nature of innovation, and that’s why we should spread our bets; we should not put our eggs in any one basket. Some of these will be grand successes, some of them will be average, and some of them will be abject failures.
– Jay Inslee

Those who deny the change in consciousness that the divine process of creation now brings about-or actually imposes on us-and fail to develop their intuition accordingly will sooner or later find themselves at a dead end.
– Carl Johan Calleman

I suppose it’s easier to see the way out of anything when you’ve found your way out of that maze. When you’re stuck in the middle, in a series of dead-ends making circles, it’s difficult to make any sense of anything.
– Cecelia Ahern

As the rain falls and the sun shines, they grow, grow, grow; minds so open, they go through life aware and accepting, seeing light where there’s dark, seeing possibility in dead ends, tasting victory as others spit out failure, questioning where others accept. Just a little less jaded, a little less cynical.
– Cecelia Ahern

Arrogance and fanaticism cause the hardening of positions taken and entrenchment can only lead to a dead end.
– Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople

In science, a path that turns out to be a dead end is very useful because you don’t devote resources to focusing on that; you go elsewheres.
– Michael Bloomberg

In our age of nuclear and biological weapons and the ever more efficient exploitation of nature, the mix of high technology and an ethos of domination could take us to an evolutionary dead end.
– Riane Eisler

It may seem like I came out of the blue. But, my road was long, windy, full of hurdles, and even some dead ends. I lost family. I lost friends. I even lost my way. When I reached what felt like rock bottom, I realized I had a responsibility to everyone who believed in me and to kids, like me, who just needed a chance and something to believe in.
– Victor Cruz

When we attempt to find meaning in the pursuit of pleasure, the commitment to a job, or through plumbing intellectual depths, we all eventually find in each of these pursuits a dead end.
– Charles R. Swindoll

Motivating Dead End Quotes On Life

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