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15 Best and Famous Aquarius Quotes and Sayings

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Our savage Aquarius quotes will greatly interest you if you believe in Astrology and are born with an Aquarius sign (Jan 20 – Feb 18).

The western astrological signs, commonly called the Zodiac signs, are popular among celestial human connection believers.

People look forward to knowing their personalities (Aquarius man and Aquarius woman) and other compatible Zodiac signs regarding love, sex, and relationships.

Aquarius is considered a special zodiac sign, hailed for its stability and resilience.

They can be equally savage and spontaneous at the same time. Despite being a special sign, they are most hated for their rebellious nature.

We hope our Aquarius quotes collection interests you greatly.

Best Aquarius Quotes and Sayings

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In the Age of Aquarius, the depression and stress on mankind will tear up people who do not have the technical knowledge of self.
– Yogi Bhajan

Aquarius think about all of their options fully before making a decision, and will worry nonstop in hopes that they made the right one.
– Anonymous

The ‘Aquarian Age’. It is a new age and a new change will come about.
– Peter Max

My name is Dean Winchester. I’m an Aquarius, I enjoy sunsets, long walks on the beach and frisky women.
– Dean Winchester

Interesting? Arre, then you must be Aquarius. You’re both intelligent and beautiful.
– KP aka Kut Price

We have manic people talking about the Age of Aquarius, where everything is just going to be wonderful, and then we have depressive people talking about atomic bombs and the destruction of civilization.
– Northrop Frye

You see, in the image of Aquarius, it’s a man who pours water into the fish. Now the fish is the unconscious. It is not enough just to have it. We have to actively turn towards it and support it so that it then helps us.
– Marie Louise von Franz


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The Age of Aquarius is the age of excellence in which personal purity shall absolutely matter.
– Harbhajan Singh Yogi

I love water – I’m an Aquarius, but that has nothing to do with it – and I’ve never been away from water in any place.
– Andre Balazs

Aquarius is a miscellaneous set of stars all at different distances from us, which have no connection with each other except that they constitute a (meaningless) pattern when seen from a certain (not particularly special) place in the galaxy (here).
– Richard Dawkins

Great Aquarius Quotes For Woman

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One of the hallmarks of the sign of Aquarius is the campaign for justice. Everybody is my brother. Justice is very important to me.
– Morgan Fairchild

As an Aquarius, I was born an outsider. I’m awkward at social events. I can be social, but I feel like nobody truly understands who I am.
– Denzel Curry

The good news is that she is one of the nicest people in the universe. The bad news is, that’s because she always does exactly what she pleases. An Aquarius female is rebellious, headstrong, and contrary. She can be selfishly independent and exasperating, especially when she is running through the house screaming, freedom!
– Hazel Dixon-Cooper

A new consciousness has been emerging through the age of Aquarius, and a rapid spiritual awakening is occurring, which science, and organized religions have not yet fully tapped into.
– J.J. Hughes

Great Aquarius Quotes For Woman

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