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15 Funny Sweet Tooth Quotes and Sayings for the Sweet Lovers

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Keep reading our quirky I have sweet tooth quotes and sayings if you crave sweets, desserts, chocolates, and cakes.

Who doesn’t like the lip-smacking and extra delicious sugary foods? We all crave these irresistible sugar bombs.

But when this craving gets habitual, that person is referred to have a sweet tooth.

Loving to eat sugary food becomes very addictive, and it will be challenging to cut down on bad-calorie foods in the long run.

Avoid sweet addictions by introducing low-sugar snacks, healthy chocolates, salads, and fiber foods. It may reduce your body’s insulin sensitivity and save you from getting obese and inviting diseases in the future.

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Best Sweet Tooth Quotes and Sayings

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I have the biggest sweet tooth. After the holidays, I gotta start working out.
– Devon Werkheiser

There’s nothing better than cake but more cake.
– Harry S. Truman

I have no will power when it comes to sweets. I have a sweet tooth.
– Daniel Sunjata

I have a sweet tooth. Milk chocolate with the caramel fillings — that’s my guilty pleasure right there. But I think that’s all right, we have to let ourselves indulge sometimes.
– Caroline Wozniacki

I’ve got a really sweet tooth and sometimes I just have to have some chocolate.
– Kirsty Gallacher

I was an infamously picky eater as a child but also had an infamous sweet tooth. All I wanted was dessert for every meal of the day.
– Christina Tosi

I’ve always got a sweet tooth. I have chocolate hidden in places that nobody knows about.
– Tony McCoy

Cravings Sweet Tooth Quotes and Sayings

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I have a horrible sweet tooth. It’s gotten to the point where if I throw a cookie in the garbage, I have to douse it in Cascade. Otherwise, why wouldn’t I take it out and eat it?
– Hoda Kotb

I have the biggest sweet tooth! You name it, I will eat it. My all-time favorite is my mother’s butter cake. Every time I go home, my mom will already have the cake made because I love it so much. This makes my siblings mad because they think she favors me. I don’t care because she probably does!
– Michael Strahan

If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll have a sweet mouth when you’re done, because all your teeth are going to be sweet.
– G. Garvin

A man without a sweet tooth is not to be trusted.
– Kristen Painter

A good bachelor drinks his dessert (and sometimes the rest of his meals). A sweet tooth is a danger signal that you’re getting too much exercise and not enough cocktails.
– P. J. O’Rourke

Dad was a baker, and we lived above the bakery, so I was always popping down to have an apple pie or a doughnut or a custard or gypsy tart: I had a very sweet tooth, and I think that was what got me into doing what I do now.
– Paul Hollywood

I have a bad sweet tooth. I’m pretty good when I have to eat well for work, but otherwise, I could eat a whole roll of raw cookie dough.
– Jeremy Renner

I don’t have the biggest sweet tooth, but I do have one in the morning.
– Antoni Porowski

Best Sweet Tooth Quotes and Sayings

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