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60 Stop Using People Quotes in Love and Relationship

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Read our stop using people quotes and sayings to know how to have healthy relationships and not fall prey to fakeness that is camouflaged as real.

It feels heartbreaking to a fancy mind when somebody shatters the high expectations.

It is crucial to reevaluate the worthiness parameters we give to relationships and ourselves.

Before we expect others to value us, we first need to have clarity on what is valuable in living a stress-free life.

If we are desperate and hollow greedy entities ready to become doormats to any random influence, the chances of us being taken advantage of by the world are higher.

Do not let that happen. Live in a higher way and give your time, energy, and space in life only to the beautiful people with simple hearts.

How to stop unnecessary heartbreaks?

Firstly, we need to disregard the false meaning of beauty and ugly and sharply see how flimsy opinions of love constantly being reiterated through the media, movies, cultural and social values have given us unnecessary inner turmoil in relationships.

If a specific color range and body shape appeal to the senses, hormones call it beautiful and the opposite ugly; we are in a deep state of ignorance. And is there any wonder we have loveless relationships and numerous pointless breakups?

Nobody ever falls in love but rises higher when coming in contact with real love.

Develop the habit of saying no to nonsense, cheap pleasures, glossy brainless people, gossip mongers, people attracted to your appearance than who you are, petty minds, loudmouths, to highlight a few.

All that is superficial will never satisfy us, and we will end feel disappointed, frustrated, and loveless.

Until we love being around lukewarm people and environments, it will not surprise us that we end up being discontented and deceived.

How to identify genuine and deep relationships?

Firstly, develop a distaste for all the pettiness in yourself. What we value deeply within us, we look for the same in a relationship outside.

If the other has deceived you or, in our egoistic viewpoint, ‘ I am being used,’ understand we were ready to be deceived from within.

Bring clarity and depth on who we take ourselves to be; it is doubtful that we will ever be attracted to all the wrong people on the outside.

Our misplaced assumptions and mental beliefs make us fall prey to the unworthy ones in life. Be a little more selfish regarding your wellness and mental well-being.

Give peace, inner clarity, and understanding the highest place in life. That internal self-awareness will tell you whom to relate to next, where to live, what to eat, where to work, which books to read, what movies are worth watching, etc.

How to never be deceived in life?

Live from a right-center of inner understanding, and all the actions emerging from inner righteousness will never lead us on wrong journeys.

Get tired of behaving nice, develop the courage to know the facts of our mind’s desires, and resist the urge to be swept away by any superficial exhibition of sheen and glaze.

Do not quickly believe or fall prey to anything or anybody but understand, try searching for inner mettle and doubt, disagree, fight with your wants till you get clarity.

Let clarity be the decision-maker in our daily living.

Let our life decisions arise from an authentic understanding.

Let our relationships have depth, substance, and originality to it. Be the highest and never compromise till we get the highest in everything. Let the relationships with our psyche be sacred.

We are priceless worthy beings and have been gifted with a precious life to live in the highest possible way. To sulk and suffer needlessly with compromised relationships is not what we are destined for.

The deeper we realize the above statement, the more intelligently we will live in reality.

Spend less time with degrading entertainments that entertain social gossip and spend more time with wisdom books, and nobody will dare to use you ever.

There is no deep self-knowledge and peace of mind without coming in touch with the timeless ancient wisdom literature, wisdom teachers, and great philosophers of all time.

Keep introspecting your mind’s tendencies, putting your precious daily time into something useful, and most importantly, keep rejecting all that creates more noisiness at a mental level.

Let these thought-provoking using people quotes and sayings help us live more rightly and sanely.

Best Using People Quotes and Sayings

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Don’t use men to get what you want in life. Get it yourself.
– Helen Gurley Brown

We have people who show love at our front and who hate at our back, but it’s still hard to find that mysterious person who love to walk with us without worrying what the destination will be.
– Nishan Panwar

I don’t let people use me. That’s why I like a small number of people in my life. The more people in my life, the more complex it becomes, so I just try to keep it at a minimum.
– Anita Baker

Not everyone will appreciate what you do for them. You have to figure out who’s worth your kindness and who’s just taking advantage.
– Unknown

It’s so funny how ‘friends’ forget us when they don’t need any more favors.
– Unknown

All people have feelings, they are not there to be used. If you’re not longer interested in someone, they have the right to be informed before you go and cheat or go looking elsewhere.
– Jerry Springer

I have learned that people at the bottom use others’ bodies to climb to the top.
– Mandla Langa

Controllers, abusers, and manipulative people don’t question themselves. They don’t ask themselves if the problem is them. They always say the problem is someone else.
– Darlene Ouimet

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What most people need to learn in life is how to love people and use things instead of using people and loving things.
– Zelda Fitzgerald

When you’re nothing, people will ignore you but when you’re on top that’s when everybody swear they know you.
– Lincey Alphonse

Because I’m just a giving person spiritually, I feel that if your intentions are to use or abuse or take advantage of, then you might get what you get in the meantime, but there’s still a price to pay.
– Angie Stone

Immature love says: ‘I love you because I need you.’ Mature love says: ‘I need you because I love you.
– Erich Fromm

When success comes, people can try to trick you or take advantage of you.
– Christina Aguilera

Just because something isn’t a lie does not mean that it isn’t deceptive. A liar knows that he is a liar, but one who speaks mere portions of truth in order to deceive is a craftsman of destruction.
– Criss Jami

I don’t care if you hate me now, I already know you only treat me nice when you think I am useful to you.
– Unknown

People try to constantly use me and I hate it.
– Tracy Emin

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The measure of a man is what he does with power.
– Greek Proverb

Trickery and treachery are the practices of fools that have not the wits enough to be honest.
Benjamin Franklin

Strong people don’t put others down, they lift them up.
– Michael P. Watson

Is it possible to use people fairly?
– Chris Boucher

Is that what love is? Using people? And maybe that’s what hate is – not being able to use people.
– Tennessee Williams

People will naturally expect us to do something.
– William M. Conselman

Two people only hurt each other if they doubt the love they have for one another.
– Lars Von Trier

Good people do not turn other people into water coolers.
– Constance M. Burge

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If you don’t get the better of yourself, someone else will.
– Evan Esar

A sworn vow never to be taken advantage of again.
– Anthony Rosario Wagner

I’ve worked too hard and built too much to be taken advantage of. I know my worth and what I bring to the table.
– Tony A. Gaskins

I’m open to the possibilities of being one of those people who reach certain heights without being owned by others.
– Tony A. Gaskins

It’s when you get complacent that you get taken advantage of.
– Tony A. Gaskins

You don’t need to know every detail, but you should know the basics. There are so many people who get taken advantage of.
– Tony A. Gaskins

If you don’t want to be taken advantage of, if you don’t want your brand to be misrepresented, if you don’t want someone else to be in control of your destiny, then do your work.
– Tony A. Gaskins

People respond in accordance to how you relate to them.
– James Frey

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Abusive men find abusiveness rewarding. The privileged position they gain is a central reason for their reluctance to change.
– Lundy Bancroft

Abusive men tend to be happy only when everything in the relationship is proceeding on their terms.
– Lundy Bancroft

Violence is not just punches and slaps; it is anything that puts you in physical fear or that uses your body to control you.
– Lundy Bancroft

To dominate is to attempt to control another person’s actions.
– Beverly Engel

The person who tries to dominate another person has a tremendous need to have his own way.
– Beverly Engel

A dominating person often resorts to threats in order to get in.
– Beverly Engel

Domineering behavior includes ordering a partner around; monitoring time and activities; restricting resources.
– Beverly Engel

To dominating partners, even commitment can feel like emotional suffocation.
– Beverly Engel

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Many women encountering non physical types of abuse, experience grave psychological and physical health symptoms.
– Carol A Lambert

Whether psychological or physical, abuse is about one thing; control.
– Carol A Lambert

Psychologically abused women experience depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem.
– Carol A Lambert

Psychological abuse by far makes people more fearful than any other type of abuse.
– Carol A Lambert

A controlling partner who ridicules personal traits, criticizes, controls activities, and ignores their partner causes a loss of self-esteem.
– Carol A Lambert

When people encounter controlling behavior, they often feel ‘erased’ as if to the perpetrator they don’t exist.
– Patricia Evans

In relationships, particularly, controlling behavior sets the stage for all kinds of abuse.
– Patricia Evans

People who have indulged in controlling behaviors are often stunned man they realize what they’ve done.
– Patricia Evans

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No doubt, most of us have at some time been mistreated by others or have unwittingly mistreated someone else.
– Patricia Evans

They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.
– Carl W. Buechner

Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.
– Anais Nin

Live your life in such a way that you’ll be remembered for your kindness, compassion, fairness, character, benevolence, and a force for good who had much respect for life, in general.
– Germany Kent

A lot of people resist transition and therefore never allow themselves to enjoy who they are. Embrace the change, no matter what it is; once you do, you can learn about the new world you’re in and take advantage of it.
– Nikki Giovanni

Sometimes people use thought to not participate in life.
– Stephen Chbosky

You are a manipulator. I like to think of myself more as an outcome engineer.
– J.R. Ward,

When you know what a man wants, you know who he is, and how to move him.
– George R.R. Martin

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Using people to leverage a refined process multiplies production, using people as a poor solution to a poor process multiplies problems.
– Timothy Ferriss

Sometimes you try to help people, and it backfires on you, and then they try to take advantage of you.
– Bill Cosby

Men are used as they use others.
– Bidpai

Don’t take advantage of each other, but fear God!
– Leviticus 25:17

Anytime you’re taking advantage of other people financially, I think some sort of punishment is definitely correct.
– Cliff Seigneur

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