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50 Best Windmill Quotes and Sayings on Living Free

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Read our inspiring windmill quotes and sayings and how the windmill is an excellent symbol of mental tenacity and resilience when life gets more demanding.

There is more to windmills than generating electricity and helping pump water for the local farms in the countryside.

Author Russ has an uplifting quote on Windmill. He quotes,’ Wind blows. You can set a wall against it or build up a windmill. The choice is ours.’

What does the Windmill represent?

Windmill represents toughness and bringing the inner best when tested by life.

Life by nature is unpredictable and full of ups and downs.

It is effortless to be swept away by unpleasant circumstances and get depressed. But it is challenging to keep the inner sanity intact and be persistent enough when life becomes difficult.

It is always an inner choice on how one handles life’s obstacles. That’s how one gets to live a fearless life. One has to face it in real-time to realize how much one is capable inwardly.

We will never know the depth of our potential unless we allow unfavorable situations to happen to us.

Without going through all the colors of life, there is no great fun and learning in life.

We hope our enriching windmill quotes and sayings give you a new perspective on living a profound life.

Best Windmill Quotes and Sayings

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Windmills, which are used in the great plains of Holland and North Germany to supply the want of falling water, afford another instance of the action of velocity. The sails are driven by air in motion – by wind.
– Hermann von Helmholtz

There are times when each of us has to have some gumption to take a stand as to what we wish to preserve or change in order to maintain our self-respect and not be as ‘a reed shaken with the wind’ (Matt. 11:7) . We lose much credibility and strength, and we risk being weighed on an uneven balance, when, Don Quixote-like, we go around ’tilting windmills.’
– James E. Faust

Those who believe that we have reached the limit of business progress and employment opportunity in this country are like the farmer who had two windmills and pulled one down because he was afraid there was not enough wind for both.
– Morris s.tremaine

If the windmill should prove too formidable, said he, from the threshold, I may see what can be done with the wind.
– Rafael Sabatini

Are windmills always this beautiful? I asked me. Me replied, ‘Not if it is grey and windy, and you are tied to one of it’s blades!
– Prachi Blue

There are, indeed, few merrier spectacles than that of many windmills bickering together in a fresh breeze over a woody country; their halting alacrity of movement, their pleasant business, making bread all day with uncouth gesticulation; their air, gigantically human, as of a creature half alive, put a spirit of romance into the tamest landscape.
– Robert Louis Stevenson

An unfree mind is like a windmill inside a bell jar.
– Mehmet Murat ildan

When the wind of change blows, some people build walls, some build windmills.
– Chinese Proverb

Life Is Like A Windmill Quotes

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There isn’t a single windmill owner in Holland who doesn’t have a second job, for when there is no wind.
– Johnny Ball

Pray, look better, sir, those things yonder are no giants, but windmills.
– Miguel de Cervantes

The slope takes you to the windmill, but effort takes you nowhere.
– Fernando Pessoa

I had rather live with cheese and garlic in a windmill.
– William Shakespeare

A windmill is eternally at work to accomplish one end, although it shifts with every variation of the weathercock, and assums ten different positions in a day.
– Charles Caleb Colton

Wind blows. You can set a wall against it, you can build up a windmill. The choice is yours.
– Russ

Love is that to life, what wind is to a windmill.
– Kazi Shams

Windmill or no windmill, he said life would go on as it has always gone on—that is, badly.
– George Orwell

Love Windmill Quotes

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You know what happens when windmills collapse into the sea? A splash.
– Bill Maher

I don’t take on a fight just for a fight. I don’t tilt at windmills.
– Carly Fiorina

My best advice: win little battles. Get in the habit of winning, of shipping, of having customers that can’t live without you. Once you’ve demonstrated you know how to do the art, then go after the windmills.
– Seth Godin

Mini-golf is a lot like life. It can be difficult. It can be rewarding. And there are windmills.
– Charles Wachter

If I’m mad, Willie, and everyone seems to think I am, then I’ve the right to tilt at the odd windmill or two.
– Ian Mackintosh

There are those who could use poetic imagery to comment on tilting at these modern windmills. Me, I just like the way they look.
– Anton Pardoe

I’m gonna pretend there are tulips. And windmills. One of the benefits of being blind is. I can imagine the way things look, any way I like.
– Matt Corman

Windmills, remember, if you fight with them, may swing round their huge arms and cast you down into the mire!
– Edmond Rostand

Animal Farm Windmill Quotes

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You cannot make a windmill go with a pair of bellows.
– George Herbert

Tilting at windmills hurts you more than the windmills.
– Robert A. Heinlein

I knew that one day I would come to this point that I would make something so outrageous and so ambitious that, it’d be that Don Quixote feeling, that I’d have to tilt at a windmill. Sometimes you’ve got to do it. That’s the only way you can do things.
– Oliver Stone

If one day I look out from my cabin’s porch and see a row of windmills spinning in the distance, I won’t curse them. I will praise them. It will mean we are finally getting somewhere.
– David Suzuki

Poetic Windmill Quotes

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Windmill, windmill, hearts are yearning, longing for love and a chance to be free.
– Michael Weikath

We used to have two windmills at our place back home. We had to tear one of ’em down – there wasn’t enough wind to turn ’em both.
– Max Evans

Our windmill was ruined. Our spirits were at their lowest. But, Napoleon seemed triumphant.
– George Orwell

Why don’t you ever fly through the windmill again? That’s a sure crowd pleaser.
– Dodie Smith

I’m flopping around like a windmill and he barely scratched me. Better avoid a direct hit.
– Hiroshi Hashimoto

And the world is like an apple whirling silently in space. Like the circles that you find in the windmills of your mind!
– Marilyn Bergman

Funny Windmill Quotes

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In Holland, the Dutch use windmills to pump water out of their soggy fields.
– Linda Miller

The windmills’ blades turn by wind power. This hard-working machine performs many chores. It can grind grain, water crops, or make electricity.
– Linda Miller

A windmill uses sails that are driven around by the force of the wind.
– Steve Way

A water pump windmill, still common in many rural areas of the United States, uses the energy from wind to draw water from underground.
– Gregory J. Davenport

If you come across a windmill, take the time to check it out. Although many have been abandoned, it may still provide a water source.
– Gregory J. Davenport

Great Windmill Quotes

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A windmill uses wind energy to make electricity.
– Doreen Scott-Dunne

Wind units for grinding grain, pumping water, and other similar uses have been used for several centuries, dating back to development by the Persians.
– R. Nolan Clark

Newton was the youthful inventor of the kite and windmill.
– Samuel R. Wells

The most obvious use of windmills through the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries was to provide domestic water supply.
– T. Lindsay Baker

Windmills pumped the water for much of rural America for decades.
– T. Lindsay Baker

The first documented windmill is built in what is now France.
– Claire O’Neal

The Dutch begin to experiment with windmills to drain flooded areas.
– Claire O’Neal

The image of the Dutch windmill is common even today, because windmills revolutionized life in the Netherlands starting in the 1600s.
– Claire O’Neal

As early as 500 to 900 CE, Persians may have developed a unique windmill independently of the rest of the world.
– Claire O’Neal

Today, modern windmills called wind turbines make electricity.
– Tea Benduhn

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