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45 Greatest Raccoon Quotes Including MCU Superhero Rocket

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Keep reading our inspirational, the great outdoors Raccoon quotes and sayings from wildlife enthusiasts and the fictional superhero of Marvel comics.

What is unique about Raccoons?

Owing to their fascinating and unique behavioral traits, Raccoons are extensively studied by wildlife enthusiasts.

Raccoons have dexterous paws with five toes and look almost like human hands. These human-like front paws help them grasp objects with great precision.

The strong hind legs and sharp claws make Raccoons skillful climbers and scale trees vertically at ease.

Raccoons tend to look cuter to an onlooker’s eyes due to their distinct black mask around their eyes and a ringed tail.

Though wild animals, Raccoons exhibit impressive adaptability to urban environments and can be spotted in cities and suburbs.

What is Rocket Racoon’s catchphrase?

Rocket Raccoon is a famous fictional character from the Marvel Comics universe and is loved by most Marvel fans.

Rocket is hailed for his sarcastic and witty personality and has various humorous, sassy, memorable lines in the Guardian of the Galaxy series. Some badass catchphrases of his notable lines include:

“Ain’t no thing like me, except me.”

“Ain’t we all losers here?”

“Oh, I’m gonna get that eye.”

“I didn’t ask to get made! I didn’t ask to be torn apart and put back together over and over and turned into some little monster!”

“I’m gonna die surrounded by the biggest idiots in the galaxy.”

“I live for the simple things… like how much this is gonna hurt.”

“Blah, blah, blah. Everybody’s got dead people. It’s no excuse to get everybody else dead along the way.”

“Well, now I’m standing. Happy? We’re all standing now. Bunch of jackasses, standing in a circle.”

We hope our handpicked Rocket Raccoon quotes and Raccoon animal quotes collection is a valuable read.

Funny Raccoon Quotes And Sayings

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Why is love easy? I don’t know. And the raccoons don’t say.
– Robert Fulghum

A woman could be cobra-thin and starving, but if she had grapefruit boobs and raccoon eyes, she was deliriously happy.
– Toni Morrison

Oh, for fuck’s sake sometimes a raccoon is just a raccoon.
– Tanya Huff

Don’t assume the animal digging through your trash at night is a raccoon. It might just be a carny in a bear suit.
– Unknown

I cut my teeth as the black raccoon for implements of battle.
– Countee Cullen

Most of America don’t even listen to music probably. They just go raccoon hunting or something.
– Graham Coxon

An evil spark flared in his eyes. Trade raccoon for some answers.
– Ilona Andrews

Sometimes a fireman will go to great strenuous lengths to save a raccoon that’s stuck in a drainpipe and then go out on the weekend and kill several of them for amusement.
– George Carlin

We don’t have to go to wild places to find wildlife. A surprisingly wide range of species can be found in our sities and towns, from familiar animals like the raccoon to more exotic ones like the mountain lion.
– Roger Tory Peterson

I grew up in New Hampshire. My closest neighbor was a mile away. The deer and the raccoons were my friends. So I would spend time walking through the woods, looking for the most beautiful tropical thing that can survive the winter in the woods in New Hampshire.
– Steven Tyler

Honestly, it was pretty challenging working with a talking raccoon.
– Randy Quaid

Like a fat raccoon rummaging through the garbage, that how I eat. Like a f-king fat raccoon.
– Thom Yorke

Cute Raccoon Quotes And Sayings

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I’d gone heavy on the black eye makeup until raccoons and I could pass for cousins.
– Jeaniene Frost

The raccoons, foxes, beavers, chinchillas, minks, rabbits, and yes, sometimes even dogs and cats that are killed for fur are not very different from your beloved dog or cat. They all have eyes, ears and hearts. They all experience pain when they are physically maimed. They shake with fear when they experience terror.
– Jane Velez-Mitchell

Some people are uncomfortable with the idea that humans belong to the same class of animals as cats and cows and raccoons. They’re like the people who become successful and then don’t want to be reminded of the old neighborhood.
– Phil Donahue

Nothing is more important than saving the Lions, Tigers, Giraffes, Elephants, Froggies, Turtles, Apes, Raccoons, Beetles, Ants, Sharks, Bears, and, of course, the Squirrels. The humans? The planet does not need humans.
– James Lee

Funny Rocket Raccoon Quotes

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Ain’t no thing like me ‘cept me!
– Rocket Racoon

You people have issues!
– Rocket Raccoon

I live for the simple things, like how much this is gonna hurt.
– Rocket Raccoon

Let’s make something clear. This one here’s our booty! You wanna get to him, you go through us! Or more accurately… We go through you!!
– Rocket Raccoon

Let’s give the galaxy something to remember us by!
– Rocket Raccoon

We’ll all fly away together, one last time. Into the forever and beautiful sky.
– Rocket Raccoon

You maniac! The whole ship is gonna blow!
– Rocket Raccoon

You think you’re the only one that lost people? What do you think we’re doing here? I lost the only family I ever had. Quill, Groot, Drax, the chick with the antenna! All gone! I get that you miss your mom. But she’s gone. Really gone. And there are plenty of people who are only kinda gone. And you can help them.
– Rocket Raccoon

Aw, what the hell, I don’t got that long a lifespan anyway.
– Rocket Raccoon

Xandarians. What a bunch of losers! Always trying to get from something stupid to nothing at all.
– Rocket Raccoon

I guess most of Nova Corps wanna uphold the laws, but these ones here, they’re corrupt and cruel.
– Rocket Raccoon

Pretty high and mighty coming from the lackey of a genocidal maniac. Yeah, I know who you are. Anyone who’s anyone knows who you are.
– Rocket Raccoon

Rocket Raccoon Quotes Guardians Of The Galaxy

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Ya’know, they told me you people were conceited douchebags, but that isn’t true at all.
– Rocket Raccoon

You got issues, Quill.
– Rocket Raccoon

Sorry, I can only lose one friend today.
– Rocket Raccoon to Gamora

He didn’t wanna make things perfect. He just hated things the way they are.
– Rocket Raccoon

Okay, who here hasn’t been to space? You better not throw up on my ship.
– Rocket Raccoon

I guess most of the Nova Corps are out to protect the greater good, but here, they’re corrupt and cruel. But hey, that’s not my problem. I ain’t gonna be here long. I’ve been escaped 22 prisons. This one is no different. You’re lucky the broad showed up, cause otherwise me and Groot here woulda’ collected our bounty.
– Rocket Raccoon

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