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30 Funny and Inspiring Ominous Quotes and Sayings

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Explore our most famous ominous quotes and sayings about life, relationship, and future from the Bible, philosophers, and acclaimed authors.

At some point in their life, everybody has felt that inner instinct feeling that something strange and inauspicious will happen.

That gut feeling is interpreted as an ominous that foreshadows evil in advance. A lot of people believe in this philosophy of bad omens.

Best Ominous Quotes and Sayings

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Like gods, we have created a new universe called cyberspace that contains great good and ominous evil. We do not know yet if this new dimension will produce more monsters than marvels, but it is too late to go back.
– David Horsey

That ominous warning usually means a really bad one is coming!
– James Hurst

The ominous drum murmurs to the people of their ancient wrongs.
– Adolphe d’Ennery

It is an ominous fact that man’s knowledge allows him to obliterate his very civilization, if he chooses.
– Jerome Brondfield

One of these days, ‘he said.’ Everything bad will happen—one of these days.
– James Baldwin

Is there any phrase more ominous than ‘you need to see exactly what you’ve done’?
– Stephen King

What is ominous is the ease with which some people go from saying that they don’t like something to saying that the government should forbid it. When you go down that road, don’t expect freedom to survive very long.
– Thomas Sowell

Neither threats nor pleadings can move a man unless they touch some one of his potential or actual selves.
– William James

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In adults, anxiety not only alerts individuals to danger and motivates them, but it helps change attitudes that have lost their usefulness.
– Russell Noyes

Anxiety is a biological warning system that alerts us to potential danger.
– Russell Noyes

By all accounts, e-commerce generally is radically disrupting the retail landscape, the way shopping malls once did America’s downtowns. As 2017 drew to a close, an article in Fortune led with this ominous sentence: ‘This year is going to go down as the worst year on record for brick-and-mortar retail.
– Michael Guillen

The most ominous of fallacies – the belief that things can be kept static by inaction.
– Freya Stark

In the midst of my travels, I heard of an ominous rumor. It said that a monster from the ancient world had been excavated from beneath the city of Pejite where it had been sleeping.
– Hayao Miyazaki

She felt uneasy on the horse, not that she hadn’t ridden often as a younger woman, but today’s mission, coupled with her own worries about Addie Donovan, made the forest seem ominous.
– Lisa Jackson

Threats to identity are manifested in many different forms and a taxonomy of the events and experiences which have acted as such would prove interesting but would be essentially uninformative at the theoretical level.
– Glynis M. Breakwell

The immediate origin of the threat can be either internal or external.
– Glynis M. Breakwell

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The human danger response is completely normal.
– Margaret E. Blaustein

When our brain recognizes danger, it prepares our body to deal with it.
– Margaret E. Blaustein

We have 3 major ways to deal with something dangerous: We can fight it, we can get away from it, or we can freeze.
– Margaret E. Blaustein

When the brain recognizes danger, the ‘action’ or ‘doing’ part of our brain sends a signal to our body to release a bunch of chemicals, like fuel for a car.
– Margaret E. Blaustein

Once our alarm turns on, our brain prepares our body for action. When that happens, our body fills with ‘fuel’ to prepare is for dealing with danger. This is really important if it’s real danger.
– Margaret E. Blaustein

If the experience of subjecting one’s self to danger and emerging victorious in sports is so pleasurable, then perhaps it is not so far fetched to consider that the policeman’s emotional reaction to being in the street and successfully handling dangerous or potentially dangerous situations may be very pleasurable in terms of the adrenaline rush of excitement and the self-satisfaction he feels.
– Philip Bonifacio

When you are walking down the street and two guys come out of a liquor store after holding it up, that’s accidental danger.
– Philip Bonifacio

Everyone has the capacity to be ‘turned on’ by danger, provided he or she chooses to take the risk and master it.
– Philip Bonifacio

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When one voluntarily subjects him or herself to danger, there is an exhilarating rush that cannot be replaced in safe conditions.
– Philip Bonifacio

Chronic and intense anxiety is particularly likely to develop when an inherited strong level of physiological arousability combines with a learning history that fosters the perception that aversive events are unpredictable and uncontrollable. For such a person, the tendencies to perceive threat to be ever-present, or lurking around every corner, and to be constantly on guard and aroused in preparation for dealing with danger become understandable.
– Richard E. Zinbarg

The amygdala determines whether danger (innate or learned) is present and, if so, initiates bodily responses that were designed by evolution to deal with dangers.
– Joseph LeDoux

Fear in panic patients has no apparent relationship to any actual threat and often involves abnormal sensitivity to uncomfortable somatic sensations.
– Joseph LeDoux

The worsening of relations between a declining America and an internally troubled Mexico could even give rise to a particularly ominous phenomenon: the emergence, as a major issue in nationalistically aroused Mexican politics, of territorial claims justified by history and ignited by cross-border incidents.
– Zbigniew Brzezinski

My dad had a retail business in Leavenworth, Kansas, and there’s a whole bunch of prisons there, so it was a backdrop of my childhood, these ominous prisons sitting off the road.
– Eric Stonestreet

Every nation feels itself to be superior, but in America it’s a jaunty feeling, and in some cases a rather ominous one among the super-patriots.
– James Salter

As a novelist, you have to pick your battles. You are tired. You have begun to experience the first ominous tinglings of carpal tunnel syndrome. You wake up in the middle of the night with both hands lying across your chest like a couple of plucked bird carcasses, dead of all sensation.
– Lynn Coady

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