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35 Best and Famous Oblivion Quotes and Sayings

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We hope our wise and thought-provoking oblivion quotes and sayings help you wake up to the immediate reality and not live in fanciful imaginations and regret later.

How to recover from a state of dullness?

Living in oblivion is the default state of most of humankind.

The mechanical, dull, and sorrow-filled life with occasional bouts of happiness proves that we live a very unconscious life and really have no idea what is happening in our lives.

We tend to go with the flow of life, victims of external situations, without questioning why I am living this particular way.

Why is that we never ask basic questions like why am I studying this particular course? What is education? What is work? Why do I want to earn money? Why should I marry and start a family? What love really is ? and so on.

We never go to the root core of our existence and mostly tend to take everything for granted and start whining when things don’t go as we wished.

It never occurs to us to pause and question the meaning of life; why am I here? And what is the purpose of this life journey?

Once we start asking these basic questions, we won’t be anymore staring into oblivion and will not be easily swayed by external life events.

How to live a meaningful life?

Lets’ aim to become conscious beings, know who we are and what is happening in our lives, and where we are heading in life.

Let stop living a mechanical life that is nothing but shallow happiness and mostly a heavy mind burdened with stress, tension, and anxiety.

Instead of jumping to temporary pleasure to forget the mental distress, go deep within whenever suffering occurs, pause, and talk with the sufferer ( the mind) that suffers.

Execute the power of inner choice (intelligence) to know what is right for me and what will downgrade my mind every moment.

Then this world won’t look oblivious anymore, and nobody can break your heart without your consent.

Let Osho’s powerful oblivion quote be a wake-up call. He quotes, ‘Pleasure is a sort of oblivion, a forgetfulness. Pain is remembrance; you cannot forget the pain.’

Best Oblivion Quotes and Sayings

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Pleasure is a sort of oblivion, a forgetfulness. Pain is remembrance, you cannot forget pain.
– Osho

Apathy is a sort of living oblivion.
– Horace Greeley

All things fade into the storied past, and in a little while are shrouded in oblivion.
Marcus Aurelius

We were a silent, hidden thought in the folds of oblivion, and we have become a voice that causes the heavens to tremble.
– Kahlil Gibran

There was existence in oblivion; there is you in oblivion.
– Pushpa Rana

Just because you’re living in blissful oblivion doesn’t mean you’re not responsible.
– Arthur M. Jolly

Never let the meaning of your love light escape to the dark nothingness of oblivion.
– Sorin Cerin

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Death is the stone into which our oblivion hardens.
– Pablo Neruda

Consolation calm down. Both your sins and your good deeds will be lost in oblivion.
– Czeslaw Milosz

Ultimately life is disease, death and oblivion. It’s still better than high school.
– Dan Savage

Time is the river on which the leaves of our thoughts are carried into oblivion.
– Doris Lessing

Oblivion has always been the most trustworthy guardian of classified files.
– Lee Sandlin

Oblivion seemed the only reasonable option.
– Ian McEwan

Oblivion has been noticed as the offspring of silence.
– Hannah More

A wholesome oblivion of one’s neighbours is the beginning of wisdom.
– Richard Le Gallienne

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Oblivion cures the old wounds.
– Dejan Stojanovic

Death promises nothing-not even oblivion.
– Mason Cooley

Oblivion is the rule and fame the exception, of humanity.
– Antoine Rivarol

Being unconscious is the ultimate disability.
– Jessa Gamble

Oblivion is full of people who allow the opinions of others to overrule their belief in themselves.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Oblivion is the flower that grows best on graves.
– George Sand

Oblivion waits without beckoning or threatening.
– Mason Cooley

There is no revenge like oblivion, for it is the entombment of the unworthy in the dust of their own nothingness.
– Baltasar Gracian

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The ninety percent of human experience that does not fit into established narrative patterns falls into oblivion.
– Mason Cooley

There is no better guide to this world than oblivion.
– Sorin Cerin

A few names have survived oblivion. In time, oblivion will have them all.
– Marty Rubin

Our unconscious is not more animal than our conscious, it is often even more human.
– Edward Bond

Oblivion is the dark page, whereon Memory writes her light-beam characters, and makes them legible; were it all light, nothing could be read there, any more than if it were all darkness.
– Thomas Carlyle

The unconscious in us warns us that in art we have to follow one particular path. And if we follow it, it is not the sign of an unconscious act.On the contrary, it shows that there is in our ordinary consciousness a greater awareness of our unconsciousness.
– Piet Mondrian

Since fame is an illusion and death is in our future all we have is the next moment before we are swallowed into oblivion.
– Al Goldstein

Without oblivion, there is no remembrance possible. When both oblivion and memory are wise, when the general soul of man is clear, melodious, true, there may come a modern Iliad as memorial of the Past.
– Thomas Carlyle

Unconsciousness of self is not so much unselfishness as it is the mental ability to extinguish all thought of one’s self exactly as one turns out the light.
– Emily Post

Unconsciousness is one of the most important conditions of good style in speaking and writing.
– Anonymous

Oblivion is not to be hired: The greater part must be content to be as though they had not been, to be found in the Register of God, not in the record of man.
– Thomas Browne

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