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30 Best Playing and Learning Ukulele Quotes and Sayings

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Keep reading our happy and beautiful Ukulele quotes and sayings to know how singers found peace, melody, and aliveness while playing this lovely instrument.

Ukulele is undoubtedly one of the easiest string instruments to learn and play as a beginner.

It looks similar to a guitar but smaller, and Portuguese immigrants discovered Ukulele in Hawaiian lands.

If you are a lover of playing the Ukulele, you would appreciate how much happiness and inner lightness the music brings to the listener.

Ukulele comes in 4 different types: Soprano, Tenor, Concert, and Baritone. The soprano Ukulele is the most popular and is used as a great accompaniment instrument.

Best Ukulele Quotes and Sayings

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The ukulele is the instrument of peace.
– Jake Shimabukuro

If you pick up a ukulele, it will make you unbelievably happy.
– Bette Midler

If everyone played the ukulele, the world would be a better place.
– Jake Shimabukuro

There’s no ego when you’re a ukulele player.
– Jake Shimabukuro

For me to enjoy with my ukulele on my knee and do the hula dance forever.
– Harm Van Sleen

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There’s not much you can do with a ukulele that doesn’t sound happy.
– Jeff Lynne

It’s hard to be depressed around a ukulele. You just pick it up and you’re halfway home.
– William H. Macy

Sometimes when you’re writing on a ukulele, you’re in a totally new land, rhythmically or melodically.
– Tift Merritt

There’s something about the ukulele that just makes you smile. It makes you let your guard down. It brings out the child in all of us.
– Jake Shimabukuro

Playing the ukulele and singing is a fantastic stress reliever. So is cleaning! Scrubbing away at the dirt helps clear my mind as well.
– Kandyse Mcclure

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There’s something about guitars, they’re just so big, you know what I mean? You’re just like, ‘Ugh!’ It just seems so overwhelming. And the ukulele is, like, the opposite of overwhelming.
– Zooey Deschanel

I love the ukulele. It’s got a beautiful, melodic tone to it. There’s something innocent and romantic, and it’s just a grand instrument to play.
– Pierce Brosnan

One thing you might want to learn before you attend the world’s largest ukulele lesson is how to say ukulele.
– Mary Schmich

I didn’t realize it was commercialized when I unpacked my cases. Because a genuine Hawaii ukulele cost me thirty guineas.
– Ray Davies

Things like guitars and ukuleles, you should never part with it, because there will probably be good, healthy times spent, just playing and writing.
– Eddie Vedder

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Growing up, the ukulele was always a respected instrument. It’s a big part of our culture. It wasn’t until I started traveling outside of Hawaii that I realized people didn’t really consider the ukulele to be a real instrument.
– Jake Shimabukuro

The ukulele totally fits that whole hipster community or whatever you want to call it, but then at the same time it works great in nursing homes where senior citizens get together and play, and then as the traditional Hawaiian instrument with people doing the Hula and strumming the ukulele and singing.
– Jake Shimabukuro

Hooray for taking up the ukulele! It will never let you down. People of all ages make great music with it.
– Dan Scanlan

It’s all part of being a ukulele player, an instrument with a great history and treasure chest of lore.
– Dan Scanlan

The ukulele gives voice to every kind of music.
– Dan Scanlan

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We are born with rhythm–our heartbeat. For the ukulele, the strum is its ‘heartbeat,’ its rhythm.
– Dan Scanlan

The ukulele is the perfect instrument to get started on: if you approach it in the right frame of mind.
– Will Grove-White

Now that the ukulele had become so popular in Hawaii, they reasoned, maybe it could serve as a symbol of the islands.
– Daniel Dixon

The ukulele: a noble little instrument; an irritating little instrument. Both views are valid, but for millions of people around the world, the ukulele is fast becoming as instrument of desire.
– Will Grove-White

The ukulele is the perfect outsider instrument, one for musical misfits everywhere.
– Will Grove-White

The beauty of ukulele is that it’s for everybody, with no elitist connotations.
– Will Grove-White

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